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MS. PARK & MRS. RAMIREZ Letters of Recommendation Workshop.

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1 MS. PARK & MRS. RAMIREZ Letters of Recommendation Workshop

2 Why Letters of Recommendation? They help schools get a better picture of you. They can emphasize non-academic accomplishments. They explain why you will be an asset to the school from someone who knows you. Most schools require 1-3 as part of the application.

3 Who requires letter of rec? UC/CSU’s – DO NOT and WILL NOT accept them (unless required for a specific major) Private Schools, out of state – check each school’s application requirements before you ask your teacher/counselor

4 Who should write your letters of rec? Ask someone who knows you personally and academically. Ask someone who knows about your career plans. Ask someone who will write a strong letter. Ask someone who will complete the letter on time. Check your application to see if they require a specific person (counselor, teacher, etc.). Other good examples: teachers, counselors, employers, coaches, advisors, supervisors, etc.

5 Important deadlines September 22, for Early Decision, Early Action, or Restrictive Early Action. October 31, for Regular Decision Applications with a deadline of Dec. 1-Jan. 15. December 5, for Regular Decision and Rolling Admission Applications with deadlines after Jan. 15.

6 What is your role? You are the most crucial role in this entire process. Take ownership of the college application process. Stay organized! Create a master calendar with all dates and deadlines.

7 What is your role? 1.Submit your application to the college or university before the due date. 2.Submit requests for School Reports (Counselors) and Teacher Recommendation Letters by following the instructions we cover today. 3.Requesting official test scores to be sent to your college or university directly from the College Board (SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests) and/or the ACT. 4. Follow up with each college or university you apply to making sure that all required application materials have been received. (Keep in mind that it can take 2-3 weeks for colleges to update your file once they have received your documents.) 5.For Midyear Reports, please follow the same directions as for initial applications. This will include ordering official transcripts and giving the receipt to your counselor and for the schools that do not accept electronic submissions, a paper copy of the Midyear Report. 6.Input your college admission results into Naviance.

8 Step 1: Create an account on Common Application 1)Go to the website: http://www.commonapp.or g http://www.commonapp.or g 2)Click “Create An Account”. 3)Fill in the requested information, create a username and password, and hit “Continue.” 4) Write down your Common Application User Name and Password.

9 Step 2: To add schools to your “My Colleges” on Common App This is only if the college or university is a Common Application school! 1)Under “College Search” Type the name of the school you wish to add to the list. 2)When you have found the name of the school you are interested in, check the box and click the “Add” button.

10 Step 3: Assign Recommenders & Complete FERPA Release Authorization 1) Under “My Colleges” tab, select Assign Recommenders 2) Click on “release authorization”, read the text, check the box, and press continue. 3) Make your selections, type your digital signature and hit save to complete the release. TIP! If you have successfully completed the FERPA Agreement a green check box will appear.

11 Step 4: Adding Colleges to Your List of Schools Applying to in Naviance 1) Go to the website: mchs mchs a.Enter your username and password (Username is your first name & last name, no spaces. Password is your 5 digit Mira Costa Aeires I.D. #.) Click the “ Colleges ” tab at the top of the screen. Click the link “colleges I am applying to” Under “colleges I’m applying to”, click “add to this list.”

12 How to Tell Whether a College Can Receive Documents Electronically When you look at your list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance, there is a column titled “Submissions.” The Guidance Office will be able to submit transcripts and letters of recommendation electronically provided the student is applying online using the Common Application (if the school is a Common Application member), or the college is a non-Common Application member but is set up to receive documents electronically through Naviance.

13 Step 5: Matching Common App & Naviance Accounts 1) Enter Common App E-mail Address 2) Please note: E-mail Address, last name, first name, and date of birth must match exactly.

14 Step 6: Brag Sheet Once Common App & Naviance are linked complete the Brag Sheet as soon as possible. The Brag Sheet must be TYPED ; it will not be accepted if hand written. Make several copies of your completed Brag Sheet. TIP! The Brag Sheet template and instructions are available on Naviance under the document library tab & available on CCC webpage

15 Step 7: Guidance Counselor Role: School Report Form Please submit the following materials directly to your Counselor – in person! 1.Submit a large 9”x 12” envelope. 2.Staple to the front of the envelope a completed Request For Letter of Recommendation sheet which is available at the end of these instructions. 3. Copy of your completed Brag Sheet including the question/answer portion. 4.A receipt from the registrar showing payment for an official transcript for each school you are applying to that requires a paper copy. Request transcripts from the Registrar, and submit $5.00 for each transcript (paper copies only). Your counselor will process your transcript.

16 Step 8: Teacher’s Role Follow same recommendations 1-3 for Counselor Rec. After you have submitted the above materials to your teacher, you must request the letter of recommendation from the teacher through Naviance by completing the following steps: 1. Log on to your Naviance account. Go to the website: a.Enter your username and password (Username is your first name & last name, no spaces. Password is your 5 digit Mira Costa student I.D. number.) 2. Click on the Colleges tab in Family Connection. 3. Click on Colleges I’m Applying To. 4. Scroll to the Teacher Recommendation section and click Add/Cancel Requests.

17 Last Tips! Be sure to deliver materials to teacher and counselor in person to they can review materials with you! If a school does not accept electronic documents, see instructions on CCC website and submit by mail. Be sure to write a thank you note to each teacher & counselor

18 Questions & Reminders Come see College & Career Counselors with Naviance questions Sign up for College Visits on Naviance! College and Career Center Ms. Park Ext. 5252 & Mrs. Ramirez Ext. 5187 Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. & by appointment

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