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BHHS Class of 2014. 1. Naviance 2. Common Application 3. Non-Common App Schools 4. Parchment: Ordering Transcripts.

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1 BHHS Class of 2014

2 1. Naviance 2. Common Application 3. Non-Common App Schools 4. Parchment: Ordering Transcripts

3  Step 1 : LOG ON TO “FAMILY CONNECTION”:   If you do not remember your log on information, please email your counselor!  Step 2: If necessary, update email address and password. Use the same email address for ALL college applications if you can to make it easy on yourself (and make sure your email address is appropriate!).

4  Step 3: Click on the “About Me” tab and complete the following information: - Brag Sheet ( if you will need a counselor letter of rec) - Resume (optional)  Step 4: Finalize your college list. Make sure that you add all the schools you are applying to on Naviance. You can add them in any of three ways: a) click on “Colleges I’m thinking about” and move them by clicking on the box to the left of the school or; b) simply add them when you click on “Colleges I’m applying to” under the “Colleges” tab or; c) when you are browsing colleges, there will be an “add to list” link to click on to add that specific school to your list (see next slide)  Step 5: Contact your counselor for your senior meeting after completing the above steps.

5 Here you can watch videos, review admission information, link to the school’s website, and even begin the application! If you are interested in a school, Click Here to add it to your Colleges I’m Thinking About list.

6 Here you can keep track of colleges you are interested in, rate your level of interest, view upcoming application deadlines, and transfer schools from Colleges I’m Thinking About, to Colleges I’m Applying to. You can also research other colleges and scholarship opportunities.

7  Cal State Campuses (  Apply early to impacted campuses (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Diego State Univ., Cal State Long Beach)  No personal statements or letters of recommendation  Apply online, October 1 – November 30; SAT Reasoning or ACT test  List all Cal State campuses you are applying to in Naviance under “Colleges I am Applying To.”  UC Campuses (  Apply online, November 1 – November 30 (website is available Oct. 1, but applications cannot be submitted before November 1 st.)  Requires SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT with Writing  SAT Subject Tests only recommended for certain majors – see your counselor  Personal Statement required; no letters of recommendation required  List all UC campuses you are applying to in Naviance under “Colleges I am Applying To.”

8  There are 112 community colleges in California.  For information about each college, please visit  You are encouraged to apply early especially if the community college is overcrowded (SMC).

9 The Common Application

10 Create an account at Save your Common App ID You will need it to order your transcript from Parchment

11 Create a College List using the College Search tab at the top of the screen

12 Once you create your college list it will appear in the Dashboard tab

13 You need to fully complete the Education Section in the Common App tab before you can invite recommenders

14 When asked about Class Rank in the Education Section, please enter None

15 Once you have completed the Education Section, go back to the Dashboard and click on the My Colleges tab to the right of the Dashboard tab

16 Click on the Assign Recommenders tab on the left side of the screen and then click on the name of the first college on your list

17 Complete the FERPA Release Authorization You have to waive your right to review all recommendations and supporting documents in order for your counselor to write your letter of recommendation

18 Then click on the link to invite your counselor and fill out the requested information (you will need your counselor’s email address). Once you complete the information click on the send invite box

19 Doing this will trigger an email message to your counselor providing instructions on how to submit school forms online. Confirm with your counselor that she received the invitation. Follow the same process to invite your teacher(s)

20  September 13 - Deadline to ask your counselor and your teacher(s) for letters of recommendation for Early Action/Early Decision and to notify your counselor if you are applying to schools with rolling admissions  October 11 - Deadline to ask your counselor and your teacher(s) for letters of recommendation for regular decision applications

21 If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Common Application online Help Center. It is accessible 24/7

22  Online Application to Non-Common Application Colleges or Universities  Complete Online Application at their website  After submitting the application, follow the directions specific to that college to request counselor and teacher recommendations, if applicable  If information needs to be snail-mailed to the school from your counselor, be sure to make that request directly to your counselor and also provide envelopes and stamps

23  Once you start your college applications, you must request that official transcripts be sent to ALL of the colleges to which you are applying (except UCs—only send to them when they request you to do so)  All transcripts must be ordered through Parchment.  Step 1: Click on the Parchment link in Naviance, or log into  Step 2: Click on “Order Transcript” and then “High School Transcript”  Step 3: Register and complete your information. You do NOT need a code to register. Remember that the year you are entering college is 2014.  Step 4: Once you are registered, click on “My Transcripts” across the top of the screen.  Search for Beverly Hills High School and then select it.  Enter your earliest year of attendance. (This will be 2010 if you entered BHHS as a 9 th grader.)  Enter 2014 as your expected graduation year

24  Step 5: Complete the FERPA agreement and waive your right to review. Remember that your teachers and counselor will not write letters of recommendation if you do not waive your FERPA rights.  Step 6: If you are applying to one or more Common App schools, you MUST click on “The Common Application” tab and enter your Common App ID. This will generate a copy of your transcript for all Common App schools.  Step 7: Search for any other colleges to which your transcript should be sent. For other organizations, such as scholarships and the NCAA, click the link under “Select Other Destinations” and enter the required information.  Step 8: Once you have added all schools, pay for your transcripts with the secure online payment.

25  100+ College Reps visit BHHS—Dates/Schools are posted on Naviance  College Search—Remember that in addition to our own college counselor, Naviance has great search tools  SAT/ACT information—see handout; workshops are available on campus this fall

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