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The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs

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1 The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs
Red Bank Catholic High School Guidance Office September, 2013

2 Welcome! Mr. Mark DeVoe - Director of Guidance
Melinda Fellingham - Counselor Patricia Hendricks - Counselor Kelly O’Keefe-Howlett - Counselor Theodore Jarmusz - Counselor Mary Ellin Sweeney - Learning Consultant

3 Agenda 60-75 minutes Practical information
Changes to the Application Process 5 EASY STEPS Important Deadlines Upcoming Events Question and Answer (General)

4 The College Application Process

5 Naviance Family Connection
A comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in planning for their future. Has been used in the past for: College research Student Data (test scores, GPA etc.) Prospective Colleges Scholarships Scattergrams

6 The College Application Process using eDocs
All School Documents will be sent electronically using eDocs Common Application Reports Teacher and Counselor Recommendations Transcripts – Initial, Mid-year and Final School Profile

7 Overall Expectations Keep the process in perspective
Work together as a family Students must take ownership Discuss finances openly Start early and meet all deadlines

8 Expectations for the Student
5 Easy Steps

9 Step 1: Apply via “The Common Application”
Go to and set up your account Write down your common app username ( ) –You MUST establish a Commonapp account in order to submit electronically. Add your colleges that you are applying to via the Common App Click on ‘assign recommenders’ (sidebar) and the FERPA agreement appears. FERPA absolutely has to be signed before you can go forward. Login to Naviance and match your CommonApp to your Naviance account.


11 Common Application Link and Tutorials
Common Application You Tube Tutorial- Common Application Step by Step-

12 Naviance Family Connection


14 Step 2: Add Prospective Colleges on Naviance

15 Update Application Status

16 Step 3: Teacher Recommendations
Always allow at least 2 weeks for teachers to complete their letter. Please make sure you personally ask the teacher prior to submitting the official request. Click on the College tab, then “Colleges I’m Applying To” Scroll down to Teacher Recommendations. Click add/cancel request Add new request, click the drop-down list and choose the teacher from the list, click submit request. Your teacher request has to be done prior to your requesting a transcript.


18 Step 4: Requesting a Transcript
You should have already started your application. Your counselor should have the parent brag sheet and recommendation questionnaire from you prior to this step. You should have already asked your teachers for a recommendation. Submit a COMPLETED “Transcript Request Form” to Mrs. Hemschoot personally. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FORM IN A COUNSELOR MAILBOX! Enter Request A Transcript in Naviance



21 Step 5: Apply Complete Common Application On line.
Complete Supplements if applicable. If college does not subscribe to CommonApp, complete on-line application for that particular college. Make sure you complete payment screen and THEN SUBMIT application after payment. Check for GREEN (on commonapp) box that appear s at top of the application to ensure that your application has been submitted. 21

22 View Active Application and Delivery Type

23 Types of Applications 1 2 3 4 5 Question Mark = Student hasn’t listed the college in the Common App website Blank Computer = Accepts EDocs and is not a Common App school CA in Computer = Accepts EDocs and is a Common App School Stamp = Paper Copy must be mailed CA with line = Common App School but student has elected to use School Application instead

24 Updating the Application Status
Click on “Colleges You are Applying To” Under “My Applications” it will ask you if you have applied. Click on the question. Update the information that is requested.


26 Throughout the Process……
Communicate with your counselor As you hear back from schools, let your counselor know Check for s from the Guidance Office regularly Parents can contact the counselor at any time

27 Review: 5 Easy Steps Step 1: Set up a Common Application Account and complete FERPA waiver on the Common Application. Enter CommonApp ID ( ) in Naviance. Step 2: Add Prospective Colleges in Naviance Step 3: Invite Teacher Recommendations under “Colleges I’m Applying to” Step 4: Request a Transcript Step 5: Apply

28 Benefits of Naviance Streamline the process Everything is “live”
Everything can be sent at once Quick to update Monitor status electronic submission Eco-friendly

29 Senior Meetings Counselors meet with seniors regarding the process
By end of September Steps 1-3 are complete. Review this process with your child prior to the meeting Come prepared with questions Contact your guidance counselor at any time

30 Upcoming Events September:
Individual College Rep Visits throughout the fall October: SAT: October 5th (Deadline passed) ACT: October 26th (Registration by September 27) Application Deadline for Early Decision/Early Action for some schools (October 15th) November: SAT: November 2nd (Registration by October 3) Application Deadlines for Early Decision/Early Action (November 1st/November 15th) December: SAT: December 7th (Registration by November 8) January: Financial Aid evening: January 7, 2014

31 Conclusion Seniors need to visit their counselor frequently during the application season Parents should communicate on a regular basis with their child about this process The process requires a minimal amount of time and effort outside of completing the actual application!

32 Q & A

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