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The College Application Process for Parents October 2013.

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1 The College Application Process for Parents October 2013

2 Basics of Senior Year  Work hard! Strive to do your best work!  Be sure you are meeting course and credit requirements for graduation. ◦Check your transcript for accuracy, sign, and return to guidance.  Be aware of deadlines. Deadlines are DEADLINES!  Make an appointment to see your counselor if you have not yet done so.  Stay informed: ◦Announcements, newsletters, bulletin boards, Naviance ◦This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

3 Other Important Factors  Essay  Teacher/Counselor Recommendations Top Factors in College Admissions  Grade in college preparatory courses  Admissions test scores  Overall grade point average

4 Factors Unrelated to Academic Achievement  Extracurricular activities  Community service  Work experience  Relation to alumni  Race/ethnicity  Key “tip” factor: Demonstrated interest in attending specific college

5 Options with Focused Process  Physical Therapy, Nursing  Music and Art  Military academies and ROTC nomination, evaluation and qualification Athletics: NCAA Eligibility * Central Clearinghouse to certify athletes for Division I & Division II participation: * NCAA eligibility has no bearing on your admission to a particular institution

6 Hopedale’s Application Process Forms and instructions online and in your packet USE the “College Application Process” handout  Teacher recommendation process  Student/Parent Questionnaire & Activity Resume  School Report Form/Counselor Rec.  Filing options:  Hard copy college application  Online college application on college website  Common Application: Online, Supplements and Required Forms, Update in Naviance

7 Letters of Recommendation Counselors Use: o Academic record o Senior Questionnaire in Naviance o Resume in Naviance o Personal reflection regarding student Teachers Use: o Academic record from classes o Reflection from personal history with student in the classroom and other extra-curricular activities.

8 Application Basics Transcript Release Form – request in Naviance two weeks before you want transcripts sent out. You will need to request transcripts for each school ($3 per transcript request). Packet sent from Guidance includes:  Transcript  School Profile  School Report Form  Counselor Recommendation  Hard Copy Application, Essay and Application Fee if you are applying using hard copy.

9 Family Connection/Naviance  See colleges your child is applying to.  Application deadlines for each college.  Application type for each college(Common App., Online, mailed).  If your child requested their transcript and if it has been sent.  Status of submission of materials (School Profile, Transcript, School Report Form, Counselor Recommendations).  Graph for each college to compare where your child stands against other Hopedale HS applicants.  Link to each college’s website.

10 Family Connection/Naviance

11 Sending Test Scores: SAT/ACT  Colleges require scores come from these agencies to be considered official. Guidance will NOT send your scores.  This should be done as soon as schools are decided upon.  Scores can be requested online at or at

12 IEP/504 Students  Every student has the individual right to disclose to the college their disability. Some factors that the student should consider when making the decision to disclose include: Would you like to apply for admission into a LD program at college? Did you have your foreign language graduation requirement waived in HS? Are you applying to Massachusetts State Colleges (see above)?  Review “Navigating the Post-Secondary Education Search Process” and “What to Ask on a College Visit for the LD student” information found on the guidance website  “Release of Information Regarding Support Services” Form Must be completed if you would like your IEP/504 information sent to colleges.

13 Scholarships  Check Naviance often for updated scholarships list (The “Scholarship Match” tool will match your child with scholarships they qualify for.  Check with local businesses and companies to see if they offer scholarships.  Online scholarship finders (Fastweb-  STAY INFORMED

14 Senior Timeline September  College Application Seminar with Guidance  Continue to narrow list of colleges and gather applications  Continue to visit colleges  Call to schedule visits and/or interviews  Meet with your counselor  Complete Senior Questionnaire and Activity Resume if not completed  Request teacher recommendations (see process handout)  Chart deadlines, application and financial aid deadlines  Begin drafts of essays  Register for SAT Reasoning and/or SAT Subject Tests and/or ACT Standardized Test Dates: October 5, November 2, December 7 – SAT October 26, December 14 – ACT

15 October  Continue visits to colleges and visits to college websites.  Appointments with counselors continue. Make sure you see your counselor ASAP if you are applying Early Action or Early Decision.  Make list of schools and required application details-online, hard copy or common application. If using Common Application, check for necessary supplements.  Request teacher recommendations. Make sure teachers have any required teacher evaluation forms!  Request SAT or ACT scores to be sent to colleges -  Work on essays.  Start Scholarship search (Naviance, Internet)  Mini College Fair: October 24 Scholarships Available now!!

16 October/ November  Begin filling out applications.  Watch deadlines carefully. Transcript and school packet requests to Guidance at least two weeks in advance.  Financial Aid: Verify each colleges requirements/ deadlines for financial aid forms/information File CSS Profile if required by colleges Attend MEFA Financial Aid Night with your parents on Wednesday, October 16. Note: FAFSA cannot be submitted until January 1.

17 What Can You Do To Help?  USE NAVIANCE to check on status of applications and scholarship information/availability.  Check the GUIDANCE WEBSITE FOR UPDATES! Newsletter will be on the main Guidance webpage.  Follow us on Twitter for more information - @hhsguidancedept  Complete the Endicott Survey. Provides HJSHS with sense of viewed areas of strengths and weakness from parents; part of NEASC evaluation.

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