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APPLICATION BOOTCAMP Student Presentation 1.  Continue discussion regarding college exploration process  Guide students in finding the ‘best fit’ colleges.

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1 APPLICATION BOOTCAMP Student Presentation 1

2  Continue discussion regarding college exploration process  Guide students in finding the ‘best fit’ colleges (location, majors, cost, extracurricular opportunities, etc.)  Provide direction to support the application process  Prepare and send all official school documents to admissions offices  Provide resources on Scholarship opportunities, Financial Aid, and Networking opportunities Application Process: Counselor Responsibilities 2

3  Encourage your child to choose a college based on “Fit”  Guide, not do  Allow your child to self-advocate; direct parent communication is frowned upon by college representatives  Visit colleges with your child  Financial Aid Support Application Process: Parent Responsibilities 3

4 Application Process: Student Responsibilities 4  Complete applications online via Common App or College Specific website  Counselor Meeting  Send Standardized Test scores  Request Teacher Recommendations  Continue to Visit Colleges  Update Naviance account  Submit Transcript Request Form  Check Email regularly  Check status updates on Naviance and on College Portals  Request Senior Grades

5 Counselor Meeting Tasks  Review/Finalize list of College Options and Application Types  Review Transcript  Review College Application Process  Sign CR Secondary School Report  Ask Questions!  Receive Authorization to Request Transcripts 5

6 Dfas Application Tasks 6

7 Components of the Application  Personal Data  Educational Data  Testing Information (must be sent directly from testing agency at your request)  Extracurricular Activities  Academic Honors  Work Experience  Personal Statement/Essays 7

8 2014-2015 SAT National Test Dates Test DatesRegistration DeadlineLate Fee *October 11September 12September 30 *November 8October 9Oct. 28 December 6November 6Nov. 24 *January 24December 29Jan. 13 *March 14February 13March 3 *May 2April 6April 21 *June 6May 8May 27 Test Fee is $52.50 - Late Registration Fee is an additional $28.00 “Waitlist” Fee is an additional $46.00 Subject Testing Fee is $26.00 and $16.00 for each subject test Register at *Test Administered at CR-North 8

9 2014-2015 ACT National Test Dates Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Fee *September 13August 8 Aug 9-Aug 22 October 25September 19 Sept 20- Oct 3 December 13November 7 Nov 8-21 February 7January 9 Jan 10-16 *April 18March 13March 14-27 June 13May 8May 9-22 ACT Plus Writing Test Fee $54.50 ACT without Writing Test Fee $38.00 Late Fee is an additional $24.00 Standby Fee is an additional $47.00 Register at *Test administered at CR-North 9

10 Additional Application Requirements  Essay Supplements  Musical Audition  Art Portfolio  Interview  Financial Aid/CSS Profile  Scholarships  NCAA Eligibility 10

11 Online Must haves…  Use appropriate email address and usernames  Appropriate use of social media  Check email often- check spam filter for misplaced college emails  For each college applied, check portal for receipt of required documents 11

12 Teacher Recommendations  Request recommendations from teachers early in the year  Teachers may submit recommendations electronically or by U.S. Post. If by U.S. Post, provide teachers with: o Stamped envelope pre-addressed to Admissions Office o Teacher Recommendation Form, if required  Allow 2-4 weeks to complete recommendation ***Please note, teacher might request additional information 12

13 Athletes (Division I & II)  Must inform your counselor if you intend on participating  Register at http://eligibilitycenter.org  Transcript request form required 13


15 Create a Common Application Account Create account after August 1st Never Registered? Click “Go Here” Register appropriate username/email and password 15

16 Common App Must Do’s 16 Email Compatibility… Naviance and common app email addresses must be the same. Add Colleges… If you are applying via the Common App, you must first add the college to your Common Application account before submitting the transcript request form. The system will not allow us to send your transcript unless it is added in your Common App account. Early Decision… If you are applying Early Decision, via the Common App, you will need to indicate such. Both you and your parents will need to sign electronically. Once this is complete, your counselor will have the ability to sign electronically as well. No early decision applications will go through without all signatures.

17 Common App Must do’s Cont. 17 Common App Matching… If you are applying via the Common App, you must Common App Match in Naviance… (See Slides 19-21) Common App Info… Weighted GPA scale = 4 Size of senior class = 451 Counselor Title = Counselor


19 Log into Your Naviance Account Can’t remember your password? Click on the “Forgot Your Password link”. A temporary password will be sent to your email. 1. Go to CR North’s Website 2. Click on Counseling Tab 3. Click on Naviance Logo at the bottom of the Welcome page 4. Enter email and password 5. Update profile under ‘About Me’

20 Verify and Update Account Information 1. From the Home screen, click the “About Me” tab 2. Under Official Things, click on “Profile” link 3. Verify all information in Personal Profile section, especially name, Counselor, birth date, and email 4. To edit information, click the “edit” button. 5. To edit your email address, click pencil icon 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

21 If you are using the Common App, you must Common App match on Naviance! 21

22 Common App Matching 22  - click here to view a Common App matching instructional video …

23 Counselor Letter of Recommendation  Fill out Counselor Letter of Recommendation Survey on Naviance: Go to ‘About Me’ tab Click ‘Counselor Letter of Recommendation survey’ in left hand column 23

24 Letter of Recommendation Survey Location 24

25 Fill out and Submit Transcript Request Form Please note that we require a minimum of 10 school days to process your transcript request. The clock does not start until you turn in the paper request form! Be Thorough! Enter the following information: Student Demographic Info College Name Due Date Check box(es) for materials needed Initial statements Sign (Student and Parent Signatures required) 1 2 3 45 25

26 Track Status of Transcript Request From the Colleges tab… 1. Click transcript link 26

27 Track Status of Transcript Request Click on link to view status of your transcript request 27

28 Track Status of Transcript Request “Mailed” column refers to the Counselor’s responsibility of mailing your transcript Pending means transcript has not been sent yet. Be sure allow 10 school days for transcripts to be sent Mailed status currently says “pending” 28

29 Transcript Request Status Date transcript was mailed IMPORTANT! The date from which you submit the paper transcript request form is the date when we will begin counting 10 school days.

30 Senior Grades For all requests, the Senior Year Grade Request Form must be submitted: (click here for printable grade request form) First Marking Period grades mailed to the college at their request only Midyear Grades (includes first and second marking periods) Submit Senior Year Grade Request form in January Sent electronically approximately 1 week after report card distribution 30

31 Quick list - click here for printable quick guide 1. Request individual meeting with your Counselor beginning September 15 th. Meetings begin on September 22 nd. 2. Create a Common Application account (if applicable) 3. Complete and submit applications either via Common Application or School specific website 4. Match your Common App Account in Naviance (if applicable) 5. Turn in Transcript Request forms to Counseling office for all colleges. 6. Track status of transcript through Naviance 7. Request Senior year grades at appropriate time 31

32 Suggested Timeline THANKSGIVING Last day to submit transcripts for 2014 delivery: December 15th 32

33 QUESTIONS ??? 33

34 Application Process: Student Responsibilities 34 Turn in paper transcript request form for all transcripts Pay for transcripts that do not accept transcripts electronically Senior Grade Requests Sign CR Secondary School Report Review process and ask questions Review Transcript Verify Naviance Account Info Match Common App Account on Naviance (if applicable) Track Transcript Request through Naviance Complete Counselor Letter of Recommendation Survey Choose colleges Complete and submit applications online Submit Standardized test Scores Teacher recommendations Additional requirements Common Application Tasks Naviance Tasks Counseling Center Tasks Counselor Meeting Tasks

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