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Junior Students & Parents Small Group Presentation Presented by: RMHS Counseling Department.

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1 Junior Students & Parents Small Group Presentation Presented by: RMHS Counseling Department

2 Agenda Post Secondary Planning Family Connection Resources Collect Important Materials & Review Handouts

3 Post Secondary Planning

4 Post Secondary Options College  4 year college  2 year college Career / Technical School Employment Military Gap Year

5 About the College Process Keep the process in perspective Work together as a family Students must take ownership Discuss finances openly ments.phtml ments.phtml Start early and meet all deadlines Create a calendar / spreadsheet to help you keep track

6 Evaluating an Application Transcript  GPA, Courses & Grades Testing: SAT I, SAT II or ACT Scores Essay(s) Resume Extracurricular Activities Letters of Recommendation

7 Components of the Application It is recommended you apply electronically! Instant submission & confirmation Application Components: Student & Demographic Data Academic Information Essay(s) Extracurricular Activities Check for Completed Signatures

8 What Will the Counseling Office Send? Student Transcript NACAC Secondary School Report Form Counselor Letter of Recommendation  based on brag sheet and interview School Profile IB/MYP Credentials (If Applicable)

9 Teacher Recommendations One or Two Teacher Recommendations (on average) Be sure to ask your teachers this spring before leaving for summer break. Provide Your Teachers With: 1.Teacher Recommendation Form 2.A business size envelope, addressed to each college and stamped 3.A list of colleges & dates you would like recommendations to be submitted by 4.One month’s notice

10 College Admissions - Testing Register to take the SAT I and/or ACT online.  Scores are sent directly from the testing companies – NOT from RM  SAT I fee includes sending your scores to 4 colleges for free SAT II’s are required for some colleges, usually more competitive schools. (Check with each school.) SAT Optional Schools: RMHS CEEB Code: 210910

11 College Application Process The materials for the college application process can be found: In the handouts you have received On the Counseling Office Home Page: s/guidance  Make sure to complete the Student & Parent Brag Sheet, linked one the home page referenced above.

12 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Student athletes intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports must register with the NCAA 

13 Visiting Colleges/ Learning About 3 excused absences both junior and senior year (6 days total) Easy day trips in DC Metro Region Wait until accepted or visit early See various types of schools: i.e. big vs. small, urban vs. rural, single-sex vs. co-ed School sponsored trips to local “College Fairs” through the Career Center

14 Naviance’s “Family Connection”

15 Family Connection Naviance’s “Family Connection” is a FREE, comprehensive, online program that assists students and parents with: College and Career Planning College Application Process Scholarship Searches

16 Family Connection Features College Search and Comparison Scattergrams Career Exploration Free online SAT, ACT, AP Tests Preparation Scholarship List College Visits to RMHS Electronic Tracking & Transcript Requests

17 How Do I Access Family Connection? Or use the link on RMHS Home Page  Click on Counseling, then Career Center  Click on the Family Connections link in box on right Returning users sign in using their e-mail & password. To set up your student account, contact our CCIC (Ms. Hull) or your counselor for your registration code. Parents can access Family Connection by emailing Ms. Hull only after their child has set up an account. CCIC: Mary

18 Resources for the College Process Where to Find Resources: Handouts Family Connection – Resources Link Make an appointment with Ms. Hull Career Center: open 7:00 – 3:30 M-F Most Frequently Used Resources: College Board - FAFSA - Common Application

19 Financial Aid Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)  Submit ASAP after January 1 st, 2012 CSS Profile - used by some colleges to determine eligibility for non-federal student aid funds. x.jsp  Contact individual school for deadlines  List of participating schools linked on website Financial Aid Workshop – Fall Scholarships

20 Scholarships are available for many students based on:  Academic Achievement  Companies Parents Work for  Ethnic / Religious Background  First Generation College Students  Citizenship Status Many scholarships can be found through the Internet at sites such as:  and Local and national scholarships are posted in Family Connection.

21 What to Give Your Counselor Today! NACAC Secondary School Report Form Transcript Release Form Students: don’t leave today before making an appointment with your counselor! Please have your student complete the Junior Survey on the ‘About Me’ Tab in Family Connection by the end of March.

22 Thank You for Attending!! RMHS School Counseling Office Phone: 301-610-8050 Fax: 301-279-4255 s/rmhs/guidance/

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