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Welcome to 8 th Grade - Gold Science! Mr. Nelson.

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1 Welcome to 8 th Grade - Gold Science! Mr. Nelson

2 All about Mr. Nelson I grew up in Crystal Lake I graduated From Carroll University (Waukesha, Wisconsin) and Arizona State University Taught 8 th grade science for 5 years, this will be my Second year at Lundahl.

3 Topics of study 1. Scientific Method & Lab Safety 2. Chemistry 3. Force and Motion 4. Light and Sound (waves)

4 Materials 1.Binder (1” for science or 3” for all classes) 2.Tab Dividers 3. Loose leaf 4. Pencils 5.Pen 6.Colored Pencils (optional)

5 Grading Scale A= 90 to 100% B= 80 to 89% C= 70 to 79% D= 60 to 69% F= 0 to 59%

6 Nelson’s Classroom Expectations 1.Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat. 2.Use appropriate language at all times. 3.Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself. 4.Be respectful to your peers.

7 Binder Break Down Tab 1 – Vocabulary Tab 2-Notes Tab 3- Worksheets and Quizzes Tab 4- Labs Tab 5- Cornell Notes

8 Classroom Procedures and Expectations Coming into the Room: 1.Be in your seat when the bell rings 2.Write your homework in your agenda 3. Begin daily vocabulary work

9 Turning in Work: 1. Completed –Name and hour on the paper –Turned in on time

10 Late Work You can turn in an assignment in the late tray for 10% off, which is better so it is very important that you turn in all your work. *I do accept notes from parents, if emergencies arise! * The reason why most people are not successful in 8 th Grade Science is because they don’t turn missing assignments

11 Absent? Check my website Turn the absent work in the late tray the following day (You will still receive full credit). *You have the same number of days absent to make up work your missing work. (I.e. If your absent for two days, you have two days to get me your missing work.)

12 Tests 1. Reviews- We will play review games in class the day before test, and/or sometimes for quizzes. 2. Retakes- Students who receive a failing grade can retake tests once during tutoring after school.

13 Extra Credit: I offer extra credit throughout the year at various times (usually homework). Podcast Extra Credit

14 Cheating Policy 1. My definition- Not doing the work yourself, using your words and ideas! You should be able to rephrase what you read/ wrote and explain it to me! 2. If you’re caught cheating in- –a. Homework: The assignment is taken away and you will receive a 0%. b.Test/ Quiz: You will retake the assessment, for the opportunity to receive a grade no higher than a 59%.

15 Restroom Usage 1. You are not allowed to use the restroom during tests, quizzes, or while I am giving instructions. 2. Students most sign out when they use the restroom. Students must carry with them a designated hall pass hanging next to the exit.

16 Attention Signal 1. I will raise my hand as an Attention Signal. 2. When my hand is raised it means:  Stop Talking, stop doing.  Signal Others.  Look at teacher.  Listen

17 Consequences If students are still talking after I have given my signal, then my offense policy will be imposed. If the issue continues with the same student(s) then they will either be timed out to a buddy teacher or held back after the bell has rung for the amount of instruction time lost.

18 Consequences 1 st Warning 2 nd Timed Out to a Buddy Teacher- fill out a Time Out sheet. This must be completed in ten minutes. 3 rd After School Detention

19 Tardy A. Once the bell has rung, you are expected to be in your assigned seat and have your daily vocabulary out and started. 1. If you are not in your seat once the bell has rung, then you will be subject to a tardy. 2. Three times that you’re late will result in a following day after school detention. **Hall passes from another teacher or the office will excuse you from being tardy**

20 Rewards Labs, Station Work Better Activities Fridays last few minutes social time

21 Electronics Policy if I see any cell phones, IPODs, or any type of electrical device in my class it will be confiscated and brought to the office. Your parent or guardian may pick it up at the end of the school.

22 What you can expect from me. 1.I will always make myself available to students and parents, and address any concerns they might have (emails, or phone calls). 2.Prepare you for High School 3.A place you feel comfortable to come to.

23 What I can expect from you. 1.Come prepared for class 2.Begin daily vocabulary work 3.Participate 4.Follow Classroom Expectations

24 This year.. We will cover Chemistry and Physics And have a lot of fun!

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