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World History Syllabus Mrs. Franklin. Contact Information Office: Room 318 Plan: 4 th Hour Webpack:

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1 World History Syllabus Mrs. Franklin

2 Contact Information Office: Room 318 Plan: 4 th Hour Email: eafrankl @smsd.orgeafrankl Webpack: Phone number: 993-6700

3 Course Description & Topics We Will Study Course Description World History is a course based on the study of the economic, social, cultural, and political contributions culminating in modern western civilization.

4 Topics we will study:

5 Classroom Rules 1. Follow the 3 R’s o Respect for self o Respect for others (teachers, classmates) and school o Responsibility for your actions 2. Be on time. 3. Bring your materials to class every day. 4. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions.

6 Required Materials- Bring to class everyday! o Textbook o Pens and Pencils o 1 Spiral Notebook, Binder for handouts, readings, notes, etc. o Colored Pencils, Markers, not required, but we use these frequently! o Kleenex- 5 points of extra credit!

7 Grades & Grading Policy Grades Grading will be based on total points. Each quarter your grade will be reflective of your participation on daily assignments, participation, projects, homework, quizzes, and tests. Participation will include: writing, reading assignments, respectful class discussions, and peer group activities. It is your responsibility to complete assignments on time. Unless you are absent, NO late work will be accepted! Grading Policy (District Grading Scale) A (90-100%) B (80-89%) C (70-79%) D (60-69%) F (59% and below)

8 Participation Participation is a huge part of your grade. I expect you to participate in class discussions. At the end of each quarter you will be given a participation grade in the grade book. Every you time you participate in class I document it! Don’t be scared to give a wrong answer- I just want you to try!

9 Make-up Work/Absences If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. All worksheets will be placed in the box labeled World History. Pick up any worksheets that you missed from this box. Also, district policy states you have two days for every missed day to make-up assignments. Long-term projects or assignments will still be due the day you return to class, because you have had advanced notice. Also, check Web Back Pack for assignments you may have missed.

10 Tardies- School Policy If you are not in the room with all of your materials when the bell rings then you will be considered tardy. Here are the following consequences if you are tardy o 1 st – Warning o 2 nd - Conference after class o 3 rd - Detention and Call Home (2:45- 3:05) o 4 th - Referral to administration and a Friday School o 5 th – Referral to administration and In-School Suspension

11 A Little Hodge Podge Food and Drinks Food and non-water beverages are not allowed in the classroom. Hall Passes Passes out of class will be limited and will be used only for emergency-style situations. Please use the restrooms during passing period. In order to leave the room you must take a hall pass. Expectations: I expect you all to do well, but to do well you are going to have to work. I want you to be an active participant in class, and give your best effort. I will do my best to help make you successful, but you are going to have to do the work as well.

12 A Final Note I am really excited for this class. I love teaching World History and know all of you will find something that interests you as well. You are always welcome to come and visit me before and after school. Good luck and have a wonderful and fun year!

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