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Mrs. Cord Honors Chemistry

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1 Mrs. Cord Honors Chemistry
Room 43P

2 Warm-Up #1 5. What math class are you in this year? 1. Name
Seat # Please answer the following on the front of your index card. Leave the back blank for now. 5. What math class are you in this year? 6. Do you have internet? 7. Do you have your Zangle password? 8. Anything you want me to know about you? 1. Name 2. What you like to be called 3. Something unique about you 4. What science class and teacher did you have last year?

3 Back of 3 x 5 Card What is your neighbor’s name?
2. Find out 2 unique things about your neighbor-it could be a summer trip, a special talent, etc.

4 Classroom Expectations
Be in your seat when the bell rings. Respect others and their property. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Be prepared for class each day. Keep cell phones, earbuds and ipods put away. Leave food, drink, and gum outside. Follow the dress code. Do your best.

5 Planning on going to college?
This course is an elective It is a requirement if you plan on applying to a U.C. or CA State school. Most colleges nationwide require Chemistry as a science prerequisite.

6 Supplies Every day, you will need your Homework
Notetakers-printed off the website if you choose paper writing tools- pen and pencil a scientific calculator **covered textbook Hats, all forms musical devices, cell phones are allowed outside of the classroom.

7 Punctuality Be in your seat when the bell rings or you are tardy
No food allowed Drinking water ONLY is acceptable Have your warm-ups and homework out and ready to write If you are more than 15 minutes tardy, you will be marked as truant in attendance

8 Attendance If absent, find the assignment sheet in the front of the room to see what you missed Worksheets will be in the blue box if you need one You may also look on the school website to see what work you missed Try my website for additional information

9 Make-Up Work Only excused absences allow make-up work
Make up tests, quizzes or labs must be done during lunch or by appointment Every day absent you have that number of days to make-up the assignment for full credit

10 Cheating Zero tolerance policy
If I tell you to copy someone’s lab data, or class notes, that is not considered cheating Photos taken or copying tests, quizzes, and homework is considered cheating

11 Grading HOMEWORK is checked on a DAILY basis
Grades are based on points earned from tests, quizzes, labs, homework, participation and projects Final tests are worth ten percent Updated grades will be posted periodically on Zangle

12 Grading Scale A+ 100-97.5 C+ 79.9-76.5 A 97.4-92.5 C 76.4-72.5 A-
Grade Scale   A+   C+   A   C   A-   C-   B+   D+   B   D   B-   D-   F

13 Substitute If a student’s name is left on the sub report, that student will be assigned TWO detentions one from the substitute and one from myself. If the problem constitutes a written referral from the sub, I will contact the parents/guardians and suggest further disciplinary action by the Assistant Principal.

14 Bathroom Use Will be limited to one person at a time.
Each student will receive 4 bathroom passes per semester. You will need your pass to go to the bathroom. Sign out on the clipboard. At the end of the semester, the bathroom passes may be turned in for 5 extra credit points each in the classwork/hw/lab category.

15 Warm-Ups The class will start with warm-ups
The question MUST BE COPIED or you must WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. The warm-ups will be collected along with notes and worksheets in the work packets on the day of a test or quiz

16 Labs If you are absent the day of a lab, you must speak to the teacher about how to make up the lab. Some labs cannot be made up and an alternative activity will be given. Some labs can be done by borrowing data from a friend and the work done by the absent student.

17 Assessments Quizzes and tests will be given for each unit.
Work packet will be collected at the beginning of the period before the test or it is late. No phones or electrical devices allowed out on the day of a quiz or test, PERIOD!!! My scientific calculators will be used for tests and quizzes, NOT YOURS.

18 Late work Late work will be accepted for 50% credit up until the unit test. If a student is absent for multiple days, see the teacher regarding the date the make-up work is due. If you were absent, look at the agenda found at the front of the room. If you need a worksheet for that day, look in the blue box.

19 Science Center Room 43N Schedule test/quiz make-ups Tutoring every day
Required to attend once a month

20 Prohibited Items No cell phones, ipods, earbuds, food, drinks, hoods or hats You will receive a warning, then minus participation points, then a detention. No chemicals or chemical supplies may never be removed from the classroom.

21 Extra Credit Very little extra credit is given so always do your best.
Extra credit will be discussed only several times in the year.

22 Safety tour Fire extinguisher Fire blanket Broken glass Eye wash

23 Safety The fire extinguisher and fire blanket are located on the sink at the front of the room. The broken glass will be disposed of by the teacher. The eyewash is located in the front sink. To wash off chemicals, use water only, no soap. The shower is located in the front of the room. In experiments, always wear goggles unless told otherwise.

24 End of the Day Dismissal
Remain in your seat until I dismiss you, not the bell. Do not linger by the door. You will loose participation points. 7th period will always put their stools up on the outside counters. Do not put on lab stations in case I need to set up labs for next day.

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