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Rules and Procedures Anatomy Mrs. Buck *Must be in Binder for Credit 50pts.

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1 Rules and Procedures Anatomy Mrs. Buck *Must be in Binder for Credit 50pts.

2 Entering the Class Enter only through the East door. Remove ALL hats or hoodies. Enter the room quietly and take your seat. (No talking or you will be sent outside) Immediately Start Journal/Objective

3 A&P Notebook Each student is to keep a 3 ring Notebook. The notebook is to be divided into 5 sections: Journals, Diagrams, Notes, Labs, and Returned Work. The notebook will be turned in at the end of each chapter to be graded. 20% deduction for each day it is late.

4 Journals A journal question will be written on the board each day. You must copy this question (including it’s number) and answer it in your notebook’s Journals section. On random days I will stamp journals to ensure all are participating. Objectives must also be copied in journals section (in the right hand margin)

5 Notes Throughout the chapter you will be given teacher or student generated notes that need to be copied into the notes section of your notebook. (Do not abbreviate unless directed to or ZERO credit) You will be required to add your own information from the reading to the given notes. These “interactive notes”will be further discussed and practiced. If notes are fill-in, no interaction is needed.

6 Labs Labs include all work in which we are completing hands on investigations. In this class labs will include: experimentations, simulations, dissections, and comparative anatomy. All labs need to be written up in lab section of notebook as specified before the lab.

7 Classwork/Homework Assignments will be given daily and will be posted up on the dry erase board in the back of the room. Generally, I will stamp them for completion and we will correct them together. After correction the papers are to be passed and placed in the in-box for the corresponding period. Late work will not be accepted!

8 Direct Instruction Stay in your seats at all times Eyes on the teacher or board Ears listening attentively Hands taking notes Raise your hand if you are unclear about something or have something ON TOPIC to add

9 In Class Discussion Be polite and courteous to all students who volunteer their opinions and answers Raise your hand to be heard If you disagree, do not respond until you have been called on!

10 Group Work Must write up lab or assignment in notebook Work in predetermined groups One minute to get settled at your predetermined station Listen for or read instructions Freeze when teacher claps the “clapper” Clean Lab Station in order to earn full credit

11 Absences If you are absent, do not ask me what you missed. You may get missed journals and vocabulary from the make up folder. Any missed notes or w.s. will also be in this folder. You will have 2 days from your return to make up work. You must place the absent work in the absent box with your name, period. You will only receive credit if the absence is excused.

12 Tests Tests will be a combination of fill-in, t/f, short answer, and essay. You may not use notes or the book. Some chapters include timed lab practicals (to be explained later). *Cannot be made up!!! You must make arrangements with me to make up any missed test. Test must be made up within 2 weeks or you will earn a zero! * You may drop your lowest test score each semester.

13 Grading *Classwork & Homework: 40% (includes n.b. and labs) *Tests: 50% *Participation: 10%

14 Rules Stay in your seat unless I have directed otherwise Keep your attitudes, comments, and body language positive and professional Be respectful of all living things in class All language and actions must be appropriate for the classroom Come to class ready to work (prepared with notebook, paper, pencil, assignments, etc.) NO cell phones or electronics of any kind out during class. 1 st time=confiscation

15 Consequences 1 st warning= loss of 5 participation pts. 2 nd warning= 1 hour detention after school 3 rd warning= referral to A.P. *Students who may present a safety hazard will skip to step 3 immediately

16 Participation Each day that you are in class and following the rules you will receive 5 participation points. These points will be lost if you have broken any of the rules I have presented. *You may earn extra credit participation for volunteering in class

17 Cheating Cheating will not be accepted under any circumstance. Talking during test taking will result 1 st in loss of answer sheet, then in loss of test. Copying of H.W. or C.W. will result in 0 score for all involved. (unless group work) I will also make note of any copying in class and will send to A.P. to add to student file.

18 Tardies 1 st tardy- warning 2 nd tardy- warning 3 rd tardy-call or email home 4 th tardy-administrative tardy contract *Starts fresh each quarter

19 Additional Help I will always stay after school to help any student who asks (usually Tuesdays) I will hold a study session after school on the day preceding the test. Sign up for the remind app!!! You may also e-mail me if you have a question that cannot be answered by someone else in the class or if you have been absent for a long time and need me to attach notes and assignments: Check out the class web page at

20 Leaving Class Clean up area and make sure your book has been returned to the shelf. (5 points lost if area not clean) Students are not to put on backpacks until the bell rings. Do not get up to leave early!!! It will postpone your leaving time. When the bell rings, push in your chair and head politely for the door.

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