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The New World These words throughout Europe greatly stimulated the European monarchs for overseas exploration and colonization. Where they explored and.

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1 The New World These words throughout Europe greatly stimulated the European monarchs for overseas exploration and colonization. Where they explored and colonized depended on the ocean currents, weather patterns, and where rival powers had claimed their land. England started colonizing along the Atlantic Ocean.

2 English Colonies England started colonizing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean . The 13 colonies were established by England and historians categorized them into regions

3 Thirteen Colonies The 13 colonies are broken up into regions. Regions: an area grouped all together by a common characteristics The Thirteen colonies were divided into three regions based on the type of people that lived there, the climate, and the physical geography of the area.

4 New England Colonies

5 New England Colonies New England Colonies Long winters English people
Reasons Geography Economy $$$ Colonies Who To practice their religion without fear of persecution lumbering Long winters Massachusetts English people Ship building New Hampshire Reform or purify Church of England Lots of trees and rocky soil Puritans Fishing Rhode Island To escape persecution and separate from Church of England Not good for farming Pilgrims Connecticut

6 1620

7 1635 *

8 1636

9 1638

10 Reason Settled: RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!

11 MAJOR PRODUCTS: How did they make money? industry shipbuilding fishing

12 Climate and Farming: CLIMATE: Extremely cold winter
Short growing season FARMING: NOT GOOD   Hard / rocky soil NOT good  


14 Pilgrims Arrived on the Mayflower Wanted religious freedom
Led by William Bradford and landed at Plymouth Signed the Mayflower Compact (remember…it was the 1st self-government

15 Better Church of England
Puritans Better Church of England Puritan Beliefs: They were the “chosen people” Very smart Church & state should work together

16 Puritans Leave Massachusetts
1st group to Connecticut Wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which was the 1st Written Constitution in America Author was Thomas Hooker Gave a detailed description of representative government

17 Middle Colonies

18 Middle Colonies Middle Colonies (Bread Basket) Cold winters Dutch
Reasons Geography Economy $$$ Colonies Who Small farms Cold winters Religious freedom New York Dutch Wheat and grains Delaware Better climate than New England Germans trade trade New Jersey Lots of hills and trees Swedes Pennsylvania Escape religious persecution in Europe mining Quakers Iron ore

19 1620 *

20 1638

21 1638

22 1682

23 REASONS SETTLED: Business profit and trade Religious freedom

24 MAJOR PRODUCTS & Harvesting grain Cattle

25 CLIMATE AND FARMING Climate Cold winters Average growing season
OK  Coastline rocky but some rolling green hills


27 Quakers Leader was William Penn Sought religious freedom
and trade for money Led a simplistic lifestyle Religious toleration—church services unnecessary Believed in no violence to anyone and that slavery was bad

28 Pennsylvania & the Quakers
HOW DID THEY END UP HERE? King Charles II owed the Penn family money Repaid them with land in America So…William Penn brought the Quakers to the New World (against his father’s wishes)

29 Was called the “Holy Experiment”
Established Philadelphia, which became known as the “City of Brotherly Love” “any government is free to the people under it…where the laws rule” Called the “melting pot city” because all foreigners were welcome

30 New York The English took New Netherlands away from the Dutch and renamed it New York Had lots of ethnic diversity (Italians, Dutch, French, Irish) Trade was great because of the large harbor area Fastest growing of all the colonies

31 New Jersey Was a proprietary colony Known for ethnic diversity
Allowed religious freedom 1st to have trial by jury Representative government

32 Delaware Formed for Pennsylvania’s access to the Atlantic Ocean
Why was this important? FOR TRADE!

33 Southern Colonies

34 Southern Colonies Southern Colonies (farms and plantations)
Who Reasons Geography Economy $$$ Colonies English – looking for profit farms Mild winters profit Virginia Plantations Escape religious persecution Maryland English Catholics Fertile soil Cash Crops North Carolina New opportunities Lots of flat land tobacco South Carolina rice Georgia

35 1607 (Jamestown)

36 1634



39 1733

40 REASONS SETTLED: Mercantilism (a state’s power depends on its wealth)
Profit from trade

41 MAJOR PRODUCTS: Agriculture Tobacco – 1st cash crop Lumber Rice

42 CLIMATE AND FARMING CLIMATE Warm, humid Long growing season FARMING
GREAT!    Moist, rich soil

43 MARYLAND Established by Lord Baltimore
Settled by Roman Catholics fleeing persecution in England Passed the Toleration Act— provided religious freedom Farmed tobacco

44 Carolina Was swampy & humid Poor administration
Used Natives as slave labor Caused many battles Proprietors were no help so the king took over Separated into North and South

45 GEORGIA Settled by General James Oglethorpe
Purpose was to give debtors a new start Slavery was not allowed Allowed religious freedom

46 Jamestown, Virginia Tobacco & women were the reason for the survival of Jamestown Swamp brought disease House of Burgesses was the 1st representative government

47 SLAVERY Slavery becomes a worldwide mistake

48 Start of Slavery Africans were not the 1st 1st – Indentured Servants
(poor white English people who borrowed money to get to America)

49 2nd – Native Americans (began to die of disease or escaped)

50 3rd—Africans (slaves were critical for the tobacco harvest)

51 Brought here through Triangle Trade
This was the triangle of shipping of goods from America to Europe and slaves from Africa to America


53 Now you are going to write a paragraph comparing the reasons for the colonization of the 13 colonies. Using your tree map make sure you address the economic, religious and social reasons.

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