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Development of a Colonial Identity New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

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2 Development of a Colonial Identity New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

3 New England Colonies Massachusetts New Hampshire Connecticut Rhode Island

4 Plymouth, Massachusetts Why did the Pilgrims migrate to America? The Pilgrims migrated to North America to escape religious persecution

5 Plymouth, Massachusetts

6 New England Colonies Environment  Harsh Winters  Good Harbors  Fishing  Whaling Trade  Jagged Coastlines  Rocky Soil

7 New England Colonies Puritans who lives centered around the church Religious freedom vs Religious toleration

8 New England Colonies New England Villages Skilled Craftsmen Shopkeepers

9 Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

10 Middle Colonies Quakers who believed in a simple lifestyle and that all people are EQUAL They refused to bow before the King, fight in wars, or pay taxes to the Church of England

11 Middle Colonies Quakers Religious diversity- there were many different religions in the Middle Colonies

12 Pennsylvania William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania believed in religious freedom. William Penn was a Quaker

13 Middle Colonies Market towns Villages and towns Skilled and unskilled workers Fishermen

14 Middle Colonies Moderate climate Coastal lowlands Wide and deep rivers Rich farmland Grain farming Livestock raising

15 New Jersey Penny

16 Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

17 Southern Colonies Region Long growing season Cash crops Plantations Small farms Humid climate

18 Southern Colonies Good harbors and rivers made it easy to export their cash crops. The cash crops in the early Southern Colonies was rice, indigo, and tobacco.

19 Jamestown, Virginia 1607 In 1607, a group of wealthy English gentlemen merchants formed the Virginia Company. There goal was an economic venture designed to find goal in the new land.

20 Southern way of life Church of England Few Schools Few Cities

21 Plantation Agriculture Slave labor Indentured servants Large cash crops Mansions

22 Southern Lifestyle Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

23 Slavery in the South Plantation owners relied on slaves and indentured servants to sow and harvest their fields.

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