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English Colonial Regions

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1 English Colonial Regions
Your guide to the 13 colonies!

2 Location, Location, Location!
The 13 colonies were located on the east coast of North America between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains.

3 English Colonial Regions
The colonies were divided into 3 colonial regions: New England Middle Southern

4 New England Colonies People
Pilgrims Puritans Roger Williams – opposed forced attendance at church; founded Rhode Island Anne Hutchinson – believed a person could worship God without help from a church Thomas Hooker – Father of Connecticut – he and his congregation wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut NOT very many slaves Some free blacks (more than any other region)

5 New England Colonies Climate/Geography
Long winters Short summers Short growing season only 3-7 months Rocky soil Furthest north Many trees Good seaports because of being close to the sea

6 New England Colonies Economy/Agriculture/Resources
Subsistence farming – just enough food for themselves with very little left over for trade Fishing, whaling, trading Made money with jobs or trade Many trees for lumber - shipbuilding

7 New England Colonies Colonies Included
Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Hampshire

8 New England Colonies Major Cities
Portsmouth, NH Plymouth, MA Hartford, CT Providence, RI Boston, MA Salem, MA

9 Middle Colonies People
Most diverse colonial region Quakers Swedes, Dutch, English, Germans Africans Protestants, Catholics and Jews William Penn (founded Pennsylvania and extended religious freedom to all)

10 Middle Colonies Climate/Geography
Flat, farmable land Fertile soil Growing season only 5-9 months

11 Middle Colonies Economy/Agriculture/Resources
Grew crops for themselves and for trade Made money with cash crops and trade Cattle, fish, furs, iron, pigs, sheep, timber and most of all wheat. Known as the Breadbasket Colonies Harbors along the coast allowed for trade and exporting crops

12 Middle Colonies Colonies Included
New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware

13 Middle Colonies Major Cities
Albany, NY New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE

14 Southern Colonies People
White Englishmen Eliza Lucas – introduced indigo Slaves

15 Southern Colonies Climate/Geography
Very fertile soil Warm climate Growing season 7-12 months Coastal Plains

16 Southern Colonies Economy/Agriculture/Resources
Made money from cash crops and trade Corn, indigo, naval stores, pigs, rice and tobacco Rice and tobacco required a lot of labor Plantation system Planters used enslaved Africans for labor

17 Southern Colonies Colonies Included
Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

18 Southern Colonies Major Cities
Savannah, GA Charles Town (Charleston), SC Wilmington, NC Jamestown, VA Baltimore, MD

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