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Section 5: Africa.

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1 Section 5: Africa

2 Introduction African civilizations-sub-Saharan west and east Africa
Trade- economic, cultural, and religious influences States and empires flourished in Africa during the medieval period: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai in west Africa, Axum in east Africa, and Zimbabwe in southeastern Africa

3 Kush

4 Location South of Egypt between first cataract and fork of Nile

5 Adoption of Egyptian culture
language religion culture and clothing

6 Aksum (Axum)

7 Location Ethiopian Highlands and the Nile River
Conquered Kush and northern Ethiopia Located on trade routes

8 Christian kingdom Religion initially polytheistic with nature spirits
Converted to Christianity

9 Zimbabwe

10 Location Zambezi and Limpopo rivers and the Indian Ocean coast

11 Great Zimbabwe City of “Great Zimbabwe”-capital of a prosperous empire-Became economic, political, & religious center Controlled trade routes Adopted Islam

12 West African Kingdoms

13 Introduction Ghana, Mali, and Songhai empires (Niger River and the Sahara) gold and salt (trans-Saharan trade)

14 Ghana

15 Location Central western Africa-North of Niger river and South of Saharan desert

16 Gold for Salt trade Gold (between Niger and Senegal rivers)
Salt (region lacked salt) from Saharan desert Established trans-Saharan trade routes from North Africa to sub-Saharan Africa


18 Islamic influences Spread – through trade
Conversion-rulers and upper class converted

19 Polytheistic Beliefs animism – spirits living in plants, animals, & natural forces influenced daily life observed by lower classes

20 Mali

21 Location South of Sahara, Southern border both sides of Niger river

22 Gold-salt trade Mali built wealth on gold and found new deposits to the east

23 Mansa Musa Controlled salt trade
Divided empire into provinces and appointed governors

24 Effects of Hajj Mansa Musa went on Hajj spread Islam throughout region

25 Timbuktu became important city center of trade and learning

26 Songhai

27 Location South of Saharan desert, Southern border both sides of Niger river, Furthest east along Niger river

28 Gold for salt trade Continued trade and spread of Islam across Sahara

29 Directions: Draw the table below in your notes and fill it in
Kush Aksum Zimbabwe Ghana Mali Songhai Location Religion Trade

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