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Trade. The Silk Road and Water routes in the Indian Ocean.

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1 Trade

2 The Silk Road and Water routes in the Indian Ocean

3 Trans Saharan


5 Trade Connections

6 Goods AfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle East Gold From West Africa Spices from lands around the Indian Ocean Cloth from India and China (silk from China) Porcelain from China and Persia Amber (Stone) Later Cloth Cloth

7 Technology AfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle East China: Paper Compass India: New crops Water wheels and windmills

8 Ideas AfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle East Buddhism spread to Korea From China Hinduism and Buddhism spread from India to South East Asia Printing and paper money spread from china Islam spread to Africa

9 Japan Location

10 Chinese Influences Writing Architecture Buddhism Chinese Writing Japanese Writing Japanese Chinese

11 Shinto Began in Japan Honors the spirits thought to be found in nature- in forest or mountains. Honoring the spirit’s of one’s ancestors (influenced by Buddhism) State religion: worship of the Emperor

12 African Kingdoms

13 Askum Located in the Ethiopian Highlands and the Nile River Became a Christian Kingdom

14 Zimbabwe Located close to the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers and the Indian ocean coast. Active in the gold and ivory trade of East Africa City of “ Great Zimbabwe” was their capital.

15 West African Kingdoms Made up of the Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empires Located near the Niger River and the Sahara Big on trade – Wealth comes from trading gold and salt – City of Timbuktu was center of trade and learning in the area – Islamic

16 South America Civilizations

17 Mayan LocationRepresented byGovernmentEconomyReligion Central American Rain Forests Chichen ItzaGroups of City States ruled by kings Agriculture and trade Polytheistic

18 Aztec LocationRepresented byGovernmentEconomyReligion In Central Mexico (in a Valley) TenochtitlanEmperorAgriculture and Tribute from conquered people Polytheistic: rituals

19 Incans LocationRepresented byGovernmentEconomyReligion Andes MoutiansMachu Picchu ** Road System Ruled by an Emperor High-Altitude Agriculture Polytheistic

20 Achievements Calendars Mathematics Writing Record-Keeping Systems

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