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Industrialism Begins.

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1 Industrialism Begins

2 Agricultural Revolution
Shift away from small farms and old farming techniques to big farms and more modern techniques 1701-Seed drill (instead of scattering seeds) Crop rotation Different crops in a field each year (need to replace nutrients Breeding Only breed best cattle/sheep

3 Industrial Revolution
Increased output of machine-made goods that began in England Aka-shift from making things by hand to making a lot by machine

4 Industrialization starts in England
Process of developing machine production of goods Why England? Water power and coal to power new machines Iron ore to construct machines, tools, buildings Rivers for transportation Harbors for trade Good banking system Good economy Land, labor and capital (factors of production)

5 Inventions Make more money if you can speed up spinning and weaving
John Kay-made shuttle sped back and forth on wheels James Hargreaves-Spinning Jenny worked eight threads at a time Richard Arkwright-water frame, used steam to power machines

6 Inventions Eli Whitney (US) Samuel Crompton Edmund Cartwright
Cotton gin-speeds up the amount of cotton that can be cleaned (1810) Samuel Crompton combines jenny and water frame = spinning mule (stronger & finer thread) Edmund Cartwright power loom speeds up weaving (1787)

7 Transportation Steam Engine
James Watt from Scotland makes a efficient steam engine. He joins with Matthew Boulton to build better steam engines. Steam engines can power boats! Means faster transportation of people and goods!

8 Transportation John McAdam
Scottish, works to make roads that are covered with a smooth layer of crushed rock (HELLO-MODERNIZATION!) No sinking in the mud! New roads called turnpikes Have to pay tolls ($$) at a turnpike to travel on that road.

9 Railways Steam-Driven Locomotives
1804, Richard Trevithick wins money because of his steam-driven train (wins bet) Steam engines need coal to heat up H2O for energy to move the train

10 Railways Liverpool-Manchester Railroad Finished in 1829
Tran, the Rocket, hauled 13 ton load at 24mph (pretty fast for back then!) Officially opened in 1830 to the public It’s a hit!

11 Railways-What do they do?
Provides cheap transportation Creates new jobs Boosts agricultural and fishing industries Then can transport goods faster so they’re fresher! Commuting to work! Can live farther from your workplace…

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