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The Industrial Revolution The Beginning. The Evolution of Power.

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1 The Industrial Revolution The Beginning

2 The Evolution of Power

3 Man Power

4 Animal Power

5 Water Power

6 Iron

7 Steam

8 Agricultural Changes n Started to enclose animals (fences) …dah! n Improved crop rotation n Jethro Tull invents the seed drill – also a 70’s Rock Band featuring the songs Freebird and Aqualung n Food supply inceases n Less need for farmers

9 Industrial Revolution n Changes in manufacturing methods from “hand” to machine, from home to factory Made with your own hands Made by machine Made at home Made in the factory

10 Where did the industrial revolution start?

11 It started in Great Britain!

12 Why did it start in Britain?

13 #1 Good supply of Coal and Water n Supplied the source of energy

14 #2 Raw materials

15 #3 Independent and inventive people

16 #4 Banking system n Reinvest profits in the bank n Bank loans money to create more companies n More jobs n More money, etc.

17 #5 Stable government - not hurt by war

18 The Inventions n John Kay - flying shuttle n James Hargreaves - Spinning Jenny

19 Inventors: n Richard Arkwright - Water Frame n Samuel Crompton - Spinning Mule n Edmund Cartwright - Power Loom

20 Steam Power / Steam Engine n Thomas Newcomen - Newcomen engine n James Watt - Improved it and gets most credit for inventing it

21 The Locomotive n Richard Trevithick – hauls iron with a steam locomotive n George Stephenson – designs trains to haul raw materials – “The Rocket” train from Liverpool to Manchester n Amazing speed of 24 mph!

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