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Magazine proposal Possible Magazine Names:  Fancy  Baseline  Applause  Audio  Beat  Eternity  Atmosphere  Download Chosen name:  DOWNLOAD I have.

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Presentation on theme: "Magazine proposal Possible Magazine Names:  Fancy  Baseline  Applause  Audio  Beat  Eternity  Atmosphere  Download Chosen name:  DOWNLOAD I have."— Presentation transcript:

1 Magazine proposal Possible Magazine Names:  Fancy  Baseline  Applause  Audio  Beat  Eternity  Atmosphere  Download Chosen name:  DOWNLOAD I have chosen to name my music magazine DOWLOAD because it sounds quite R&B and POP like, which is the genre of my magazine. I also like the fact that it is short, catchy and easy to remember, it also fits and works well as a title for my specific genre of music magazine which is important when choosing a name for a magazine.

2 The genre of my magazine will be pop/R&B music. The reason why I have decided on this genre is because this is the sort of music I enjoy listening to. By looking at various music magazine covers, the covers I liked best were ‘Billboard’ magazines. The genre of ‘Billboard’ is pop music. The use of colour and style of magazine has made me inclined to replicate my own magazine in a similar way meaning my magazines genre will be pop/R&B. In my opinion pop/R&B is one of the most popular genre’s of music out now. Therefore by producing a magazine with a popular fan base the magazine will have a better selling point. Genre

3 Magazine front covers of interest Billboard magazine is my style model for my own magazine cover. The majority of music artists featured on the front cover are all major artists that pretty much anyone knows or would recognise. E.g. Beyoncé and Rihanna. I like the way the magazines title is always in a fixed location and is mostly located behind the artists picture. I particularly like the way that some of the letters have been coloured in, this is a unique feature that makes the magazines cover stand out against other music magazines. This is something I would like to replicate as I think it looks effective and makes the magazine look more interesting.

4 I love the whole composition of this particular ‘Billboard’ magazine. I like the fact that the image bleeds across the whole page and is positioned to the right of the magazine whilst the column inch and callouts are located to the left of the magazine. This makes the cover look neat professional meaning its not to overpowering with text. The main focus of the magazine is on Beyoncé herself and the magazines title. Which is why I am thinking about replicating the format of this magazine into my own work. The only think I don’t particularly like about this cover is that the majority of it is in black and white. This means it doesn’t stand out that well and grab the readers attention, therefore for my own magazine I will be using at least 3 colours and preferably 4. In comparison to the other ‘Billboard’ magazine, this uses very vibrant colours which is almost neon like and stands out a bit to much. In comparison to the previous cover with Beyoncé on, I much prefer the layout of that one as it looks more slightly more formal and it allows you to see Beyoncé's facial expression and the use of eye level shot makes it seem like she is directly looking at you which draws the audience in, whereas you can hardly see Rihanna's face in this magazine, the text and image itself is overpowered by the brightness of Rihanna's hair which is something I don’t like about this magazine. Other than that i still think that this magazines format is ok I just think that the Beyoncé one is more to my style. However from this magazine I want to replicate how the tittle is featured behind Rihanna's head as I think this looks effective. Lastly the cover of this magazine is quite effective, I think the black background is different and unique as not many magazines feature a black background. I like it because it allows the text to stand out well, however this doesn’t work well within the image of Beyoncé because it doesn’t stand out and its to overpowered by the text and colour of font. The use of long shot doesn’t allow the audience to see Beyoncé's facial expression well and the image is quite blurry. This comes across as though its been made by a student because I don’t thin the colour schemes work well the colour of the image and the composition doesn’t flow, therefore I will not be replicating anything from this magazine cover.

5 Here are just a few of the ideas I would like to incorporate into the content of my magazine: Latest music gossip regarding specific music artists that fit my genre of magazine. Latest music headlines Chances to win free tickets to a ‘download’ concert that will feature all the major artists relating to pop and R&B that are out right now. Free downloads from iTunes from the music artists featured in ‘download’ Planned content

6 Unique selling point Unlike my main rival ‘Billboard’ my magazine will not only feature pop artist but will feature R&B artists as well meaning that my magazine will have a wider audience as it appeals a larger group of people. My magazines unique selling point is that it features not only the usual music magazine principles, which talk about the artists and give reviews but ‘download’ will feature free ITunes downloads from the ITunes store, it will also give you the chance to meet and great with certain music artists and the best bit; once a year ‘download’ magazine will hold a concert in London's 02 Arena, in every issue there will be a chance for people to win free tickets to that specific concert.

7 Typical reader profile Young female aged 16 and over. Due to my magazine featuring artists from the R&B and Pop genre my typical reader profile will be large groups of people, meaning they could be at sixth form studying for A levels in Media, English and Music or be at college studying for similar subjects or could even have an apprenticeship. R&B is stereotyped into a category that lower class people listen to because of the ethnicity representation of all male R&B artists being ‘thugs’. Whereas pop music is categorised into higher class people listening to it. Therefore by having this wide range of music genres the typical reader profile will attract a wide range of people.

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