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Analysis Of I POP Foundation Production. The Artists and My Audience The genre of my magazine was pop.Which in itself means popular music. Its genre’s.

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1 Analysis Of I POP Foundation Production

2 The Artists and My Audience The genre of my magazine was pop.Which in itself means popular music. Its genre’s that everyone loves. This gave me the room to use which ever artists that I thought would work best in my magazine. The social groups that my magazine targets are female children aged 9-14. British culture My magazine represents sub cultures through being role models – do well at school, clean, influential. The artists would also be classically British. Using a black girl on my front cover helps my magazine to become more culturally friendly. It also shows more modern times, and that there isn't any stigma attached to using ethnic groups in my magazines. Using white girls in a clean and innocent way also makes parents more inclined to buy the magazine for their child.

3 The audience for my music magazine are girls in the age range 9-14. My audience might be very diverse because the music range in my magazine changes form week to week. It attracts my target audience from all walks of life. The demographics of my target audience are : - young, girly, love music, love fashions, loves what popular, primary school – to early years high school, any ethnicity. Products that they might consume : Nintendo Dsi, Clothes, toys, bikes, handbags, DVD's What products might they consume TARGET AUDIENCE

4 SEMIOLOGY I chose this audience because its the age range in which people generally buy magazines. The chance of making a high profit is much better then in other age groups. The front page of my magazine is trying to tell the audience lots of different things. There is marketing, prizes, what you’ll miss out on if you don't buy it, Bright appealing colours etc. Its all designed to make people buy the magazine. We decode what is on the page through knowledge that we already know about things. For e.g. The famous celebrities on the front cover. We know already who they are, so we already have a judgement. Magazine companies take much care in what the consumer wants and what’s current on the market. For e.g. The latest craze : nintendo ds If everyone wants a nintendo ds and there is a chance to win one then people will but the magazine. Signs and connotations that I have used : heart, represents love Win a holiday for 4 To Disney Land !!!!- competition, excitement, holiday The meaning of the connotations is to attract the audience in a non direct way. It creates a way that marketisers can try and sell their product to you without appearing rude etc.

5 CONVENTIONS OF LAYOUT. OF FONT, OF COLOUR, OF LAYOUT, OF LANGUAGE, OF STYLE, OF POSE My magazine title is not in a conventional place. Nearly all magazines have a title straight across the page ; mine is down the side. It shows a new style of title. Whats also different about this magazine is the fact that its not based on just one thing it involves alot of fashion and music together. For e.g. India Cherato inspired outfits. Ways that we can look like our idols. Title I had to keep the language of my magazine very relevant to my target audience. -I couldn't put in big words that the age group wouldn't understand. -Using language that they already use like – cool, it much more age appropriate. -The text had to very eye catching to get my audience interested The poses of all my celebrities had to be well thought out. By researching similar artist’s poses I could make sure that mine were kept relevant. The colours that I have used through out the magazine are very eye catching and friendly. I kept them very light and innocent ( target Audience )

6 CAMERAS COMPUTERS AND PROGRAMMES I have had to use a wide range of technologies, including : cameras, publisher, adobe Photoshop, internet, word etc. I have learnt allot about all of these programmes and objects. I have had to learn how to make use of them to fit my needs. For e.g. In Adobe Photoshop there are hundreds of different techniques and buttons. Not all of them, would have fitted my needs. I have also learnt about time management through this project. If you don't keep to deadlines then your work falls behind. The programmes that I have used have enabled me to prefect my photographs. It gave them a much more professional look, which in itself helps me to get a higher grade. They can also help to make putting your magazine together allot easier. Just being able to copy things from one document to another saves a lot of time. The limitations were more about knowledge. There is so much choice available and it can be very hard at times to understand everything. Other limitations include only creating 4 a4 pages. You cant complete a whole magazine because there simply wouldn't have been enough time. I don't think that there is too much choice because everyone is different, if we all had to do the same thing then there wouldn't be any variety, and magazines in general would have very big profit margins. Are we too dependent on digital technology? I think that we dependant on technology allot. Before we had it everyone had to get their research form books and exploration. Digital technology is such as massive thing and people are going to take advantage of it, however its allowed to do so much that I don't think its a bad thing. If we didn't have the technology then subjects like media studies and Food Technology would be very different.

7 Overall From looking back at my preliminary task I have learnt allot about what a magazine requires, the research needed, what format I wanted, my strengths and weaknesses in magazine production,. I have leant t allot about the consumer – at really important to keep the magazine relevant. I have also learnt allot about the form of a magazine. – where the tiles need to be placed – draft layouts I also learnt allot about the content of the magazine, what Work has to go in and where to get it from / how to do it. If I was to re do parts of the project then I would make sure time Management was more of a priority.

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