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August 29, 2012 Facebook, Twitter and Beyond: Marketing Libraries through Social Media.

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1 August 29, 2012 Facebook, Twitter and Beyond: Marketing Libraries through Social Media

2 Tiffany McClary, NJ State Library Phone: 609-278-2640 x122 Email: Twitter: @njstatelibrary Sophie Brookover, LibraryLinkNJ Phone: 732-752-7720 Email: Twitter: @librarylinknj Allyson Pryor, Springboard PR Phone: 732-863-1900 x 205 Email: Twitter: @locallylove Diane Thieke, SimplyTalkMedia Phone: 609-577-4075 Email: Twitter: @thiekeds Connect With the Panel!

3 Be personable. Nobody wants to chat with a robot! Utilize Twitter’s searching capabilities to find relevant topics and tweeters Post compelling content (Articles, Videos, Photos) Be polite and professional Retweet others Ask questions, express opinions, keep the conversation going! The Do’s of Twitter Engagement

4 Post only about your library Post a bunch of tweets at the same time Post anything that may offend others (steer clear of politics and religion) Dismiss the opinions of others Ignore or delete tweets Send automated Direct Messages Urge people to follow or Retweet you The Don’ts of Twitter Engagement

5 Define the core values which encompass the library’s culture Decide upon objective Priority of which information is to be shared Strategize messaging accordingly Appoint “social media champions” Create presence on all social platforms Google your library often Developing Your Online Persona

6 Double check spelling and grammar Think first Listen and respond Give credit Join a Twitter chat Use a social media management platform Set up Google alerts for social media news Shorten links Utilize Trending Topics Hashtags! Facebook Tags Best Practices & Useful Tips for Newbies

7 HAVE FUN! Social media provides casual platforms for social sharing. Don’t worry about being stuffy and professional all of the time. People prefer laid back organizations they can relate to! Most Importantly…

8 Building Your Facebook Audience A Page is not an Account Distribute Page Administrator responsibilities (but not too widely!) Choose great profile & cover photos Develop a clear, warm voice

9 Building Your Facebook Audience Post often Sign your posts Like, Comment, Share & Tag Listen to your fans (and critics)!

10 Building Your Facebook Audience Like Comment Share Tag Give Credit Where It’s Due

11 Like Content On Colleagues’ Pages

12 Share & Comment!


14 Tag!

15 Engagement on Facebook Ask open-ended questions Know when to post Mix up your content

16 Open-Ended Questions

17 Mix It Up! Don’t be afraid to go from this…

18 Mix It Up! …to this!

19 Twitter: Follow Me, Maybe? Follow, follow, follow Find & save useful hashtags (#) RT judiciously Join the conversation & tag tweeps who’d be interested in the topic Be gracious & friendly

20 Join The Conversation

21 Building Community = Being Gracious & Friendly

22 Useful Hashtags To Follow Tags: #libraries #librarians #reading #infotech #newjersey # [insert conference tag here] Chats: #libchat #tlchat #edchat #ewgc / #ewyagc #readadv* 20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know: library/

23 Proactive Monitoring Facebook: Insights & Comments Twitter: @ replies & DMs Google Alerts

24 The Big Point Done well, a social media presence on ANY platform can help you: Tell your library's story Tell your community's stories Connect with your communities of practice and service in new ways Put a warm, human face on your library Form an integral part of your library's advocacy & marketing strategies

25 Social in the Mix The Art of Social Media 1

26 Participation Price Product Placement Promotion The Four P’s + a Fifth

27 Making Marketing Tactics More Social Advertising = LinkedIn Advertising Public Relations = Blog Advocacy = Avenues to Participate Events = Twitter chats Direct mail = Email newsletters Posters/Flyers = Promote social Website = Share buttons

28 Geek the Library:

29 Four Tips for Putting Social Into the Mix 1.Marketing is a conversation 2.Be customer-centric 3.Take in the bigger marketing picture 4.Be willing to lose control

30 2 Measuring Social Results The Science of Social Media

31 Counting Fans and Followers

32 Tracking Shares, Comments, Influence

33 Web Analytics Measures Social Impact Referral traffic Calls to action

34 Four Tips for Measuring Social 1.Focus on metrics that support objectives 2.Track fans & followers while building a base 3.Measure engagement through links & shares 4.Use web analytics to track cause and effect

35 3 Social Media Policy Keeping Your Library Safe

36 » Stay legal » Protect confidential information » Message consistency » Customer service Why A Social Media Policy

37 » Purpose » Guidelines » Best practices » Escalation process » http:/ s.php Components of a Social Media Policy

38 Make sure that everyone on staff knows what’s in the policy Communicate terms of engagement to fans and followers Educate

39 » Identify stakeholders » Incorporate internal policies » Borrow from others » Educate staff & fans Four Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy


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