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Building a Social Media Strategy Everything you need

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1 Building a Social Media Strategy Everything you need to know! @DawnBinns @insightpei

2 or... What we can cover in 40 min.

3 Old New Shift in Marketing



6 Step 1 - Assess Your Environment What message is currently out there? What is the current perception? How do people view the issue? Who is engaged now, what are their messages? Allies, supporters, opponents, etc. ? What is the conversation right now?

7 Different people within your organization may be able to contribute different ideas......Because each has a different view of the situation.

8 Goals: Big picture, longer term Usually part of a larger integrated strategy Objectives: Social media specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timelines Step 2: Determine what you want

9 Increase awareness of your issue Monitor industry activity Generate support for a public policy Increase participation in a program Increase knowledge of a health message

10 Increase website traffic by 5% per month Increase blog subscribers by 15% in 6 months Create 5 You Tube videos with 100 views in 3 months Create a Facebook page with 100 fans in 6 months

11 Step 3: Identify your target audience

12 Understand your audience Are they online? Where are they? What are they doing online? What interests them? How can you provide compelling content and information they want?

13 Step 4: Messaging & Content Find ways to tell stories and connect with your audience Real time events Always incorporate your brand personality Provide useful content Incorporate key messages Refer to your objectives to determine the path you take Show, dont tell

14 Services Testimonials Spotlights Solutions Questions Quotes Fun stuff Interesting articles Videos (yours and others) Reposts (or retweets) Blog posts Personal comments General company information Photos Mix it Up!

15 Step 5: Develop Strategies & Tactics Develop the roadmap for how youll reach your objectives. Strategies Drive to the website – Upgrade current site Drive to blog – Develop a blogging strategy YouTube videos – Hire a creative team Drive to Facebook – Promotions

16 Step 5: Develop Strategies & Tactics Tactics -Sam to upgrade site with new graphics, content and employee profiles. To be complete by April 1 st. -1 blog every Tuesday to be uploaded to the site by Joe. -Each week at the staff meeting well brainstorm content. -All press releases are provided to Jane to link to Facebook.

17 Step 6: Risk Management Plan Establish boundaries Ensure users understand who they are representing Define what is considered online respect Be clear on the steps required for responding to feedback – both positive and negative Outline topics to steer clear of Play the what if game

18 Step 7: Measurement YouTube views Twitter mentions Retweets Replies Facebook fans Coupons distributed Website visits Word of mouth Dont be discouraged and dont give up too quick. Remain consistent.

19 Step 6: Measurement Increase brand awareness - you could try setting up Google Alerts Monitor website traffic - Google Analytics See how many people are listening to you - set up bit links Generate buzz - set up a promotion

20 What is the ROI of Social Media? It's saying (Social Media) is a communication tool that you can't use ROI in a sales situation to justify.

21 Helpful Hints & Friendly Warnings Match the message to the platform Make it a part of everyones job Always monitor Remember, you only have your words Use pre-programming tools with caution


23 Step 5: Create a Schedule – Develop content ahead of time – Break into bit-size bites – Schedule time – Don't be a slave to engagement – Recycle Tips to being efficient online:

24 DayFocusAMPM Monday Listening and engaging Replies, retweets Tuesday New blog, travel tips Announce on Twitter and FB Review and respond to comments Wednesday Provide useful info Send out link to useful blog or article Answer a question, solve a problem Thursday New You Tube Video Announce on Twitter and FB Review and respond to comments Friday SharingFun photoAsk a question Saturday Offline Sunday Offline

25 ToolDailyWeeklyMonthly FacebookRespond to comments Post status update Research competitors Join industry pages Comment on posts Post new photos TwitterRespond to replies, retweets and dms Follow 20 new people, post 1 new link Take time to connect personally with 3 new people BlogRespond to blog comments Search for other blogs Post new blogCreate 4 new blogs for next month You TubeAdd new video if applicable Research new video ideas Create new video for next month LinkedInCheck invitations and messages Join 1 new groupAsk one new group question, answer 1 new group question

26 @insightpei

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