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June 2, 2011. Introductions Meet the NJ State Library Marketing Team.

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1 June 2, 2011

2 Introductions Meet the NJ State Library Marketing Team

3 Social Media Strategy Social Media Tools 4 3 2 1 Agenda Rules of Engagement What is Social Media?

4 Web and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals.



7 What Does This Mean for Library Marketing? Start relevant conversations with your community Encourage people to pass on information about your library Create relationships with your community influencers Engage your target audiences

8 Website Facebook Twitter Content Forums & Listservs NJSL Social Media Strategy

9 Define the Social Media Plan Outline your objectives Define your target audiences Develop a policy Choose your tools Determine your capacity and commitment

10 Content Strategy Create Curate ShareComment Ask Announce Content Strategy

11 Blog: Thought Leadership Take a stand Tell them something they don’t already know Develop your voice Listen Curate content

12 Social Media Tools

13 Casual Tone & Style Organization Profile Wall Posts (Interactive) Like Suggest to Friends Uses: Announcements Tips Events Comments Photos Conversations

14 Professional Recruit Network Learn best practices Share job tips Monitor issues Prospect Find Opportunities

15 Uploading Videos –Captions and descriptions –Tagging –Categorizing Building Community –Favorite –Likes –Subscribing to other channels

16 Tal Talk to people about THEIR interests Quick alerts Share useful links Give advice, blog posts, pictures, etc.

17 Anatomy of a Tweet Twitter limit = 140 characters Apps will keep count for you Best practice: Keep it to 120 or less –Makes it easier for followers to retweet –Hashtags organize content –@reply starts a conversation –Curate content by linking

18 Retweet Share good content –by people you follow –with people who follow you –Gain respect and credibility Steps: –Copy or retweet post –Add to beginning: RT @username –Tell why you like it!

19 #Hashtag Folksonomy: Tag content so it’s easier to find #estateplanning #FollowFriday or #FF Post to other platforms, #fb #fail

20 Other Twitter Conventions DM = Direct Message –Private message to followers URL shorteners: –Converts lengthy URLs to just a few characters –Helps keep you within limit –Track clickthroughs

21 Social Media Etiquette Tone –Conversational Open and transparent Honest Silence is NOT golden

22 Copyright Intellectual property Copyrightable material Trademarks Fair use Web linking

23 Fair Use Doctrine Permits limited use of copyrighted material without permission Fair use includes: –Criticism, comment, news reporting –Teaching, scholarship, research

24 Copyright Best Practices Link to original material rather than cut and paste Clearly identify the creator Review copyright notices and trademark guidelines first When in doubt, leave it out

25 Libel & Slander What is it? –Communications that hurt the reputations of others Libel - written Slander - verbal or gestures Libel & Slander are in the eyes of the beholder Best practices: –Remain professional in all interactions –Before posting, consider other perspectives

26 Difficult Situations Negative comments –Air Force Blog Response Decision TreeAir Force Blog Response Decision Tree Crossing the privacy line –Know when to take it offline

27 Social Engagement Policy You are a brand ambassador In your social media channels: –Reinforce core values –Stay on topic –Be transparent and honest, but don’t violate organization’s trust –Share your expertise –Defer to colleagues when appropriate


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