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How effective is the combination of my main product and ancillary texts? (how my teaser trailer, magazine and poster link together and what effect does.

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1 How effective is the combination of my main product and ancillary texts? (how my teaser trailer, magazine and poster link together and what effect does this give?)

2 How other franchises have displayed this: Throughout Tron’s merchandise the use of imagery and typography reflects a similarity through each of its ancillary texts. The posters and all other related products use the neon blue lights, black glossy panels and keep to this futuristic theme. This use of synergy gives the franchise a unique style and therefore the brand is recognisable.

3 Text: Over the course of all of my work, I was able to create my own font that I used across each of my products, the trailer- it the ending title that flickers on the screen, the title that sits above the main image on the poster, and the same title that also sits on the phone screen of the main image on the magazine cover. I picked to create a font like this- using a glitch-y type face, coloured in white with a light blue glow as I thought It would give a futuristic feel to the product. But also because of the glitch effect would give the idea that something wasn’t quite right when it came to the idea of technology, the idea that maybe the technology was corrupted- thus resulting in the jagged appearance of the font. On the poster On the Trailer On the magazine

4 Styles: Again keeping to the blue and white glow- I tried to spread a technological style over each of the products; the blue flickering screens that broke up the trailer with narrative text, the blue glow of the font that seemed to leak down and light up the rest of the image in the poster, and the glow again radiating from the phone and giving an upwards lighting to the main image on the magazine. Just like the Tron franchise I wanted to convey a sense of futurism, the blue signifying the storyline of the movie would have something to do with technology and electronics. On the poster On the Trailer On the magazine

5 Layout: (poster) While constructing the layout of the poster, I tried to keep within the conventions and design layout of the 3 original horror posters that I looked at through the pre-productions work. With this, I kept my image central to the piece, along with the text so that these were to two main features of the poster and would be the first thing that the audience looked at.

6 Main image is central Dark ambience giving the idea of fear Links to social media Hoping to spread publicity through the idea of sharing online Credits all in a block. An unknown force is present adding to the mystery of the story, almost like a cliff-hanger, Barthes enigma code Slogan giving a insight to the narrative ‘From the producers of’ Relating to another movie already out, giving the audience a slight expectation Dulled colours –yet red is prominent This signifies blood, one of the main horror conventions

7 Layout: (Magazine Cover) Then while making the magazine cover, I actually looked at a range of magazine designs and brands to get a range of ideas as to what was out there. Firstly looking for covers specifically showing the horror movies I had chosen for inspiration- but on failing that I looked for generic horror covers. I saw that a they all seemed to follow the same sort of theme – red, blood and darkness. So for my own cover I knew I was going to have to stick to a similar look.

8 Before and After Created in gimp Created in Adobe Illustrator Although I originally tried to keep to a certain style- in using the same font as my poster and using red to colour the text, the result wasn’t something I actually liked. So on my second attempt- this time working in adobe illustrator, I tried to keep to a digital theme, using only the colours from the title to create a more consistent theme. Although the horror connotation of blood red might have gone now from the text, I feel the colours I used fits the layout of the cover much better now – but also leaves the image open to show off the blood on the character’s face – and again on her hands in the smaller poster preview in the corner.

9 Customized ‘EMPIRE’ font Although the default is the red one, the customized font gave the magazine a personalized feeling, like the main item of the magazine has taken over. --this also relates to the product synergy, making the ‘wired’ brand more recognisable. Background that consumes main image Where the official one blends the character in with a white background, the ‘wired’ version swamps the character in black to bring out a mystery feeling Subtitles and titles vary in colour. This makes the titles stand out from the smaller text and draws the eye in Slogan above the title gives a little insight into what the front page topic is all about

10 Conventions: Keeping within the horror genre I needed to remember to include conventions of a horror theme. Cliché or otherwise I needed to show that this movie was still deadly and not just something of the sci-fi genre. So although the only ‘blood’ seen in the trailer is on the mirror reading ‘welcome home’, I hoped the quick edited scenes towards the end where a now possessed Lizzy is chasing her friend to the door- that the idea of death would be shown by the fear in her friends face. Where as on the poster and the magazine cover I could make the blood factor more prominent adding in effects to give Lizzy a bloody face and hands. Blood effect added to lizzy’s face Blood effect added to lizzy’s hands

11 Combining all the elements: On creating all the pieces and finally viewing them together I hoped that they would now be able to create their own auteurship, a unique and recognisable style that will become appealing to the audience, and hopefully become widely known and identifiable even just by the small details such as the font or colours. The actor (aka me) is also pictured in all of the produces so the character would become a well known figure, and is also seen as the main part of the movie.

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