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African Trading Civilizations: Ghana, Mali, Songhai

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1 African Trading Civilizations: Ghana, Mali, Songhai
Global Studies 10 Topic Review

2 African Kingdoms All major African kingdoms controlled important trade routes and were very advanced long….. before European contact.

3 Ghana, Mali, & Songhai All existed at different times.
All three civilizations prospered due to the Gold and salt trade. All developed in West Africa All had artwork which included gold, bronze, and clay sculptures.

4 Empire of Ghana c800-c1100 Eventually converted to Islam. (Cultural Diffusion) Conquered by Almoravids in the 11th century

5 How does culture diffusion happen?
People move from place to place Trade Warfare Cultural diffusion is the spreading of ideas to new regions. Examples: Christmas traditions, foods, religions

6 Empire of Mali c1200-c1450 Islamic Kingdom
Rose in power after Ghana’s demise Greatest leader was Mansa Musa He expanded the empire to nearly twice the size of Ghana. Timbuktu became a very prominent “LEARNING CENTER”

7 Mansa Musa Emperor of the kingdom of Mali in Africa.
He made a famous pilgrimage to Mecca and established trade routes to the Middle East. (demonstrates what taking place?)

8 Empire of Songhai c1450-c1600 Islamic Kingdom
Songhai came into power as the Empire of Mali weakened Timbuktu continued to be a great cultural and learning center. They were conquered by the Moroccans with the use of gunpowder and cannons.

9 Empire of Kush c750BC – 200AD Northeast Africa
Conquered Egypt and ruled large empire for 80 years Learned to make iron weapons and tools (cultural diffusion) Used iron ore deposits to support large iron industry Located along major trade routes.

10 Empire of Axum c200AD-c700AD Grew in power as the Empire of Kush declined Blended Arab and African cultures Present day Ethiopia Became a Christian Kingdom in 324 AD Located along major trade routes.

11 In order for towns and cities to develop there must be a surplus of food? Why?
This allows people to specialize in production of different items. They would then trade these goods for the food they need.

12 In Africa, there is a great diversity of geography
In Africa, there is a great diversity of geography. How did this influence cultural diffusion? Deserts Mountains Rivers Rain Forests This made it hard to travel Led to less cultural diffusion This led to great cultural diversity

13 Regent Questions

14 In Africa, an effect of topography and climate has been to…...
1. Promote the growth of diverse societies 2. Promote large scale trade between Africa and Asia 3. Encourage rapid industrialization of the interior 4. Prevent the development of kingdoms

15 The existence of the civilizations of Ghana, Axum, Kush, & Mali demonstrates that...
1. African civilizations were extremely isolated from each other. 2. Industrial technology was needed for early African civilizations to develop 3. Advanced societies developed in Africa before any European colonization. 4. The African continent was unified under a single political system.

16 One similarity between Axum, Kush, & Nubia was that they were...
1. Military leaders in the Neolithic age. 2. Early civilizations in Africa 3. Writers of epic poems about Greek cities. 4. Rivers along which early trade developed.

17 One similarity between the ancient African kingdoms of Egypt, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai is that all of these kingdom were located... 1. In mountainous terrain 2. In coastal areas 3. In rain forest areas 4. On major trading routes

18 Before West African civilizations had contact with Europeans, these civilizations developed
1. One system of government for the entire region 2. Social systems that emphasized the nuclear family 3. Economies that did not rely on trade 4. Art that included bronze,gold, and clay sculptures

19 Which factor contributed most to the development of ancient African kingdoms of Ghana and Mali?
1. The Coptic religion 2. Democratic government 3. European Imperialism 4. Extensive trade

20 Which activity is the best example of cultural diffusion in Africa?
1. Discovering bronze sculptures form Benin 2. Weaving kente cloth in Ghana 3. Practicing of Islam in Nigeria 4. Using masks in traditional African ceremonies.

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African Trading Civilization Questions

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