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McLoughlin Middle School 2013-2014 Welcome to 8 th grade! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and having a great year.

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1 McLoughlin Middle School 2013-2014 Welcome to 8 th grade! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and having a great year.

2 Portable 12 Expectations In order to create a classroom environment where everyone can learn and feel safe, I expect all students to: Be respectful Be responsible Be a problem solver

3 Rules School Rules Show respect Make good decisions Solve problems Portable 12 Rules Follow directions the first time they are given Respect the people, equipment, and furniture in the classroom Be responsible for and manage your behavior Write your assignments down, sit in your assigned seat, and get to work Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

4 Consequences for good behavior Individual- Full privileges given to members of our classroom, positive phone calls or notes home, school awards,etc Class – Class compliance with the classroom rules and procedures will be rewarded by certain privileges decided by the class

5 Consequences for Students Not Following Rules Step OneWritten or verbal warning Step TwoSit in classroom refocus seat Step ThreeYou are sent to another teacher’s refocus area and must conference with your teacher Step FourCall parent, go to the office or assigned detention ** Steps 3 –4 will be documented on a refocus form, and signed by the teacher and the student. **** If you engage in any serious misbehavior which includes disrespect to teachers and staff members or fighting steps 1-3 will not be followed and you will be sent to the office****

6 Attention Signals Play Ball 3 strikes = 30 seconds of your break time Turning off and on classroom lights= Play Ball

7 Classroom Procedures Students are expected to be to class on time and bring all required materials. These materials include books needed for class, your planner, your binder, your assignments, paper, pen, or pencil. Students who do not bring books to class will receive lunch detention

8 Classroom Procedures Entering the classroom Sit quietly in your assigned seat Write assignments in your planner Begin the entry task Leaving the classroom Ask for permission Sign out in your planner Sign out on the classroom sign in/sign out form You do not need to sign out of the classroom if we are leaving as a groupYou do not need to sign out of the classroom if we are leaving as a group

9 Classroom Procedures Tardy Policy You are considered tardy if you are not in the classroom at posted class times (the door will be closed). Consequences You will loose your break( PM class) or spend 4 minutes of your lunch time in the classroom(AM class). Detention after school for every 3 tardies. Parent contact will be made for 6 tardies in a quarter.

10 Classroom Procedures Lesson Session We will always begin each class period in a lesson session the following are the procedures you will follow during this time: Remain in your seat Pay close attention to the speaker Raise your hand to be called before speaking When reading together keep your eyes on the print

11 Classroom Procedures Work Session The following procedures will be followed if you have been told you are in a work session: Stay on task If needed use the pencil sharpener or waste basket Discuss your work with your neighbor if you wish (this does not mean talking with others in a different row) Get up and get what you need

12 Classroom Procedures Test Session The following procedures are to be followed during a test session: Clear your desk Sit quietly Listen to directions Ask questions about any test items or directions you do not understand Keep your eyes on your work Once you have finished read quietly until the teacher places you in a lesson or work session

13 Homework Each student is required to write daily and long-term assignments in their planner. All assignments not completed in class are homework. Full credit is given for homework turned in on time. Homework is due the day after it is assigned. For example if the homework was assigned on Monday, it is due Tuesday. Late daily homework will receive 50% credit. **Essays and reports can be turned in 3 days late(Points will be deducted this way Day 1- 20%, Day 2- 30%, Day 3- 40%) **

14 Absences If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments you missed from the teacher. ** Students should stay after school to receive information or help on an assignment on the day they return from an absence**. If you are absent one day, you have one day to complete the missed assignment. For example if you are absent on Tuesday and return to school Wednesday, the missed assignment should be turned in Thursday. If you are absent more than one day you have 2 days after your last absence to complete and turn in missed assignments. For example if you miss Tuesday and Wednesday, the missed assignments must be completed and turned in by Monday of the next week. If you know you are going to be absent for more than a day please contact the office and request your assignments. ** If you do not make up your work on time, you will receive 50% on late assignments, or a zero on missing assignments.

15 Tutoring If you have questions that were not answered in class or if you do not understand your homework, I am available to help students every day after school from 2:25-3:00 PM. I will also be available between 2:25- 4:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students needing help after 3:00 should make sure that I will be available that day. ** I have staff meetings from 2:30-3:00 on Wednesdays**

16 Classroom Procedures Bathroom Students should use the bathroom, go to their lockers, and take care of other personal business during their breaks between classes. Students will only go to the bathroom on an emergency basis during SSR or lesson sessions Gum/Candy Students eating candy or other food in the classroom will receive after school detention. Detention is from 2:25-3:00

17 Classroom Procedures Electronics/Cell Phones Cell Phones maybe in your pocket but should be turned off. Any other electronic equipment should be left in your locker or backpack during class time. Cell phones and electronic equipment in use during class time (that includes ringing, texting, making noise, etc) will be taken to the office. Students are responsible for the security of their cell phones, Kindles, Nooks, and other electronic devices.


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