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Key Dates and arrangements for the remainder of Year 11.

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1 Key Dates and arrangements for the remainder of Year 11

2 Two weeks left this term…….  There are only two weeks left this half term.  In this time you will receive the results of your mocks.  You will also get feedback from your teachers on WWW and what areas you need to focus on. Its important to use this information…….  There is enough time to improve before the ‘real’ exams if you want to and you set aside enough time to work hard.  PREP sessions will continue to run for identified students  POST PREP sessions are also running.  Both of these are vital to support you if you have been asked to attend  COURSEWORK deadlines in practical subjects are VERY SOON  My favourite Easter eggs are mini eggs or Cadbury’s crème eggs…….

3 Easter Holidays and Revision  We break up for Easter on Friday March 27 th.  There will be Easter Revision sessions for invited students taking place in a variety of subjects.  Letters will be sent home and parents contacted as well.  These sessions are VERY IMPORTANT in helping you do well in your exams.  We return to college on Monday April 13 th.  There will also be Saturday morning revision for invited students running from the end of Easter into May. Further details will follow.

4 Practical exams  These take place WB April 20 th and April 27 th.  These are for: Dance, PE, Art, Photography and Drama.  Some of these exams are over 1-2 days so will impact on which lessons you can attend so you need to plan ahead.  If you are away for these exams, it will have a MAJOR IMPACT on your final grade as there will be no chance to redo these.

5 The ‘Real Exams’!  Your first is exam is on Tuesday May 5 th (after Star Wars Day).  This is English and so is MASSIVELY important.  The other exams will take place at different times over the next 6 weeks.  You MUST know when your exams take place, where they are, what time they start and your candidate number.  The last exam is on Friday June 19 th.  There is a list of all exams on the wall outside the ACO office (my office).  You will shortly receive an individual timetable which shows each of YOUR exams.

6 Revision and Intervention  Revision and intervention sessions will take place from Easter onwards.  Some of these will run during PREP.  Others will run after PREP.  Some will run during the day and replace other lessons.  This will apply particularly when you have completed exams in some subjects – these lessons will then be used to support other subjects with extra lessons or for individual revision.  This is all being carefully timetabled to ensure you have the best opportunity to pass your exams.  YOU NEED TO ATTEND ALL SESSIONS THAT APPLY TO YOU – ITS YOUR FUTURE!!  Details will follow…….

7 The ‘fun’ but less important stuff Leavers Assembly  This is likely to take place on Friday 19 th June in the morning (after the last exam).  A chance for you to take photos, sign yearbooks and laugh at the photos from the past few years…… Prom  This is currently not confirmed. Details will come to you this week to discuss in form time.  I need your feedback about what you want as a group before we book anything. Hoodies I have arranged an order with a company. We just need to finalise a design, etc. We will then start taking orders. The cost will be approximately £18 Year books  These will be ordered shortly. Price tbc

8 What next……….? GCSE Results Day  This is on Thursday August 20 th  If you are unable to attend, you will need to …….  Remember: how do you want to feel on this day?? 6 th Form  Members of the 6 th Form team will be available on GCSE Results Day to talk to you about your grades, results, your options and enrolment.  6 th form induction will be WB 1 st September 2015 Other options? Is it too late???  If you are yet to apply for 6 th form or for another college / school, you need to do this ASAP.  If you need help or advice, speak to someone ASAP

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