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Year 11 Welcome Parents Evening SchoolHome Student.

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1 Year 11 Welcome Parents Evening SchoolHome Student

2 How can we assist students to achieve their full potential? SchoolHome Student

3 Does this sound familiar? “I don’t have any homework”

4 But….. The mock exams are just a few weeks off…. They start on 1 December and will run for approximately 3 weeks. This is the students only chance to have a trail run They produce very important information for us They must be taken seriously

5 How can you assist at home? Allow students to take ownership 3 different approaches: - Subtle approach - Negotiate - Encouragement SchoolHome Student

6 Things you can do Ensure that everyone in the family knows the importance of external examinations and that study rooms are free from disturbance Equipping: provide pens, paper, cards highlighters, folders, etc Offer support and advice SchoolHome Student

7 Negotiate Periods of time for revision well in advance, during holiday times, especially at Easter Paid work should be kept to a sensible amount of time & may need to be reduced during examinations The most appropriate revision periods during the day, when distractions are least likely Reduce distractions in the revision room (e.g. TV, radio, and switch off mobile phones)

8 Encouragement Assist with timetable preparation so that you are aware of the weekly programme Provide space to relax and take refreshments after a maximum 2 hour revision period (outside of the revision room) Offer to test material Use of revision websites, e.g. BBC Bitesize,exam board websites (past papers)

9 Revision Timetables Suggest 2 sessions per day (during term time) Discuss the best times to revise, their most alert/receptive times. Plan to revise the most difficult topics at these times Study more than 1 subject each day (e.g. Science in the morning, English in the afternoon)

10 Revision Timetables Keep the sessions short Set targets to be met for each session Take regular breaks- every 40 minutes -hour Ensure time is allocated for:  Repetition and recall  Frequent testing- at different levels of difficulty  Re-testing

11 Making a Mind Map Turn paper Landscape Put title in the middle Split into sections Use different colours for each section Keep splitting up the sections Use pictures when needed Keep viewing the mind map

12 Revision method 2 The cards Can make them out of paper if you want Or buy a set of cards Wilkinson, Tesco and WH Smith all sell these cards

13 Making the cards The idea is that you put the things you must know on, 1 concept or topic per card Can design them how you want Can include colours if you want and pictures These are kept and can be used to revise in a short space of time.

14 What will we be doing at school? Tracking of Data Grade Gathers of current grades MOCK PERIOD – Full reports Target grades Teacher Predictions Effort grades

15 What will we be doing at school? Interventions 1-1 mentoring Reward Trip Post Mock Clinic Motivational Group

16 Controlled Assessment GCSE Coursework has gone It has been replaced by controlled assessment All work has to be completed at school under controlled conditions within a set time limit Timetable is on the website!

17 “Study Leave” No longer exists. There is now whole school planned revision. Targeted revision sessions for all students based on examination and revision timetables Departments organise sessions based on ability and the papers being taken

18 English Language GCSE – current position Modular examinations were removed at the end of the academic year 2012-13. Students now only have one chance to gain their qualification. The Speaking and listening element has been removed and is no longer part of the overall qualification grade. This 20% has now been added to the examination. The weightings of the qualification is now 40% controlled assessment and 60% terminal exam. English is essential to progress to most other courses.

19 SPAG Spelling, punctuation and grammar marks are awarded in any subject that has a significant written element for example, RE, Geography, History and English etc. When spellings are corrected in work students need to learn them especially key words and specialist terms.

20 Maths Students will not be entered for the statistics examination in addition to maths

21 Important Dates Week beginning 15/9 interview evening 23 October 2014: 6 th Form Information Evening 13 November 2014: Parents Evening 1-19 December 2014: Mock Period Week beginning 19 January 2015: Mock Results Day Week beginning 9 February 2015:Post mock clinic Week beginning 9 & 23 February English and Maths mocks Week beginning 23 March Final countdown evening 11 May 2015: Summer Exam Series begins Week beginning 22 June 2015: Prom ( 26/6to be confirmed) 25 June 2015: 6 th Form Induction Day 20 August 2015: Results Day (to be confirmed)

22 Contact Mrs S Martin: HOY 11 or tutor

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