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St Pauls Catholic School Year 8 Information Evening Tuesday 29 th April 2014.

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1 St Pauls Catholic School Year 8 Information Evening Tuesday 29 th April 2014

2 Introductions Mrs Nicola Pope (Head of Year 8) Mr Paul Winter (Assistant Headteacher) Mr Paul Tillman (Head of Technology)

3 Outline of the evening The Year 9 Curriculum from June 2014. Technology options. Public Exams for the summer 2017. The progression from Year 9 to Year 10 Top Tips for parents to support maximum progress. Spare Longrigg places and other opportunities!

4 Year 9 Curriculum All pupils will study the following courses in lessons from June. There are 12 subjects. English and Maths for 5 lessons each week. Chemistry, Physics and Biology for 2 lessons per subject each week. MFL and Technology for 3 lessons each week. RE for 4 lessons each week. ICT for 2 lessons each week. Core PE for 2 lessons each week. History or Geography for 3 lessons each week. One Expressive Arts subject for 3 lessons each week. These last 2 are the options subjects selected before Easter.

5 Technology Options Process Letters have been sent home about the Technology Options Process. Pupils will get information in lessons about courses in Year 9. Pupils will need to rank the 6 courses in order of preference and will study one course in Year 9. Teachers will make sure that pupils play to their strengths. If students study Technology for GCSE they will continue on the course they start in Year 9. Deadline for options slips will be Friday 9 th May. Mr Tillman is available to answer any questions at the end.

6 Context and options process again in Year 9. School leaving age. Future choices at 16. Future beyond 18 – University, career, apprenticeship. Develop your talents. Achieve the best results you can. Need to start exam preparation and activities linked to learning subjects in depth and detail. Less options than previously in Year 9 as pupils have already made 2 choices and there is more prescription about subjects pupils should take. There will still be a variety of vocational courses. Levels of progress. There will be a Year 8 report at the end of the summer term about your childs attainment in all subjects. From Year 9 there will be three short reports each year with progress checks with action points for each subject.

7 Public exams will be in the summer of 2017. The pupils will need to be able to complete extended writing, skilled at memorising, ability to write quickly, legibly and accurately. Pupils will need technical written skills in all subjects. Exam boards raising grade boundaries. Emphasis on literacy and writing skills in all subjects. This includes spellings! Memory skills and learning a large range of content. Less coursework. English Baccalaureate subjects (EBacc) has an emphasis. New grading system will co-exist for a while. Numbers and letters will be used. Target grades will be letters with a number for the moment but may change before pupils have finished Year 11. Target grades will still be for end of Year 11. GCSE and Public exams

8 Strategies to Support at Home Talk to your child about their homework (not have you done it!) Look through (and sign) their planner. Are they writing in homework? Browse through their exercise books Encourage reading....(any reading is better than none!) Surf the net with them! Research topics together Encourage your child to attend extended curriculum courses (Mondays), trips and excursions to extend learning Recognise achievement and progress. Read Year 8 report with them to help identify best subjects and favourite subjects. Teachers are increasingly using gmail and email to send homework home. Keep in contact with subject teachers – we are here to help – email is quick and easy

9 Year 9 Opportunities Longrigg trip in May. Sports Clubs for summer term. Extended Curriculum on Mondays. Late Bus on Mondays so chance to participate. School library has a number of computers & laptops available for use. School library is open from 07:30 every day. Trips Day is Thursday 10 th July.

10 Contact Details

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