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NBP16 PEG Keeping on Track 4th February 2015.

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1 NBP16 PEG Keeping on Track 4th February 2015

2 January current grades
Based upon teacher judgement using a range of evidence for example mock exams. At this stage still plenty of time to improve – most progress at AS happens between now and the exams Students should see subject teachers if they are concerned about their progress Support offered by curriculum areas include: Drop-in sessions Supported study Revision classes Small group work Individual support Upgrade Parents evening on 11th February Tutors will be working with students looking at ways forward with their learning P16 team will contact home if we are concerned about the overall progress of a student

3 Coursework Responding to feedback from teachers to aid improvement
BTEC subjects and practical based subjects - management of critical deadlines – changes to BTEC assessment Responding to feedback from teachers to aid improvement Catch up sessions

4 Countdown 11 Teaching weeks left before the start of written exams – Monday May 11th This excludes 2 weeks for Easter Holidays and half term week Feb 16th to Feb 20th. Monday 30th March – Friday10th April

5 Quick wins Study time table. 4 hours per subject, per week
Quiet and clutter free study area at home Use study periods effectively Open communication between student and teacher Attend every lesson Submit every piece of work required from teachers Start thinking about future – something to work towards Part time jobs – 9 hours or less

6 The Voice of hindsight (based on survey of students after mocks)
Plan your revision! Colour code your plan and make sure it is balanced Go through past papers and markschemes as much as possible. Also look at examiner’s reports Make sure you do all of the homework you are set and get it in on time!! Follow the feedback you are given by your teachers – they are experts at how to do well in the exams The Voice of hindsight (based on survey of students after mocks) Take time to go through your answers, and talk to your teachers to make sure you understand what you have been told. Maintain lists of key terms and definitions. (but these alone won’t get you through!) Use any online resources you have been told about – they are great for basic knowledge and background reading Time yourself carefully when practising, and during the real thing

7 Revision plans Son/Daughter should have some revision plans/timetable as soon as they can Academic mentors and tutors can help with completing these Students should be making use of the learning resource centre in both learning communities during their school based study periods

8 Year 12 Term 4 grades March 2ndth to March 10th teaching staff review student progress Targets for improvements to be made and these will be sent home

9 Year 13 Intentions forms We have asked students to indicate their intentions for courses that they wish to follow in Year 13 (25th Feb) Most students will reduce their subjects by one and then follow 3A2 courses in Year 13 4 AS subjects are continued until the AS results are out in August.

10 Year 13 place Your entry into Year 13
At least 3 passes at AS (A-E) and in the subjects want to continue to A2 Full time study programme Good attendance (95% No unauthorised absences) Good conduct / effort Year 13 place

11 UCAS Convention It’s never too early to start thinking of post 18 options 14 April UWE (University of the West of England) Nationwide event Information & guidance about university Helps applicants to decide what & where to study Brings together universities/colleges within the UCAS scheme More than just information about HE: FE colleges, Connexions, gap years, student support services, professional bodies, student travel firms, student finance…. All Y12s expected to attend

12 Open days Have a look at open day dates
Have a look at open day dates Plan wisely which ones to visit Visit university web sites

13 Useful web sites
Detailed advice and guidance about every step of the applicant journey Advice about HE and independent league table Guides & video advice from students already at uni Compare & review universities/subjects Russell Group Informed Choices PDF Subjects required for different degree courses Foundation degree overview and course search one stop site for apprenticeships Plan your future work and study post 18 For gap years, foundation degree programs, apprenticeship vacancies, gap year jobs, distance learning courses… Year in Industry (programme) Guide to financial support at university Opportunities to study abroad

14 Future dates… Last teaching day for Year 12 is Friday May 8th
Written exams start on Monday May 11th Study leave runs from Monday May 11th to Monday June 1st (provisional) A2 courses start on Monday June 1st where a normal timetable is resumed All 4 subjects are continued until the results in August – unless we have confirmation from you. Please do not go on family holidays during June 1st to the end of term July 17th Thursday August 13th – AS results available from 1pm onwards

15 Post 18 Future Days Dates and arrangements will be circulated nearer the time Variety of activities during these days including a higher education day Apprenticeships, Year in Industry Speakers from a variety of organisations Opportunities for Open Day Visits

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