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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR EXAMS.   There may be a change to some of the start times to fit into our.

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2   There may be a change to some of the start times to fit into our school day – your individual timetable will reflect this and it is expected that you will receive this before Easter  Check you know which exams you are sitting and where in school they are taking place (most will be in the hall but some will be in quiet rooms) THE BASICS

3  Runs from Tuesday 28 th April until Friday 29 th May inclusive – all S5/6 pupils qualify for study leave  The timetable changes on Monday 1 st June and the new session will commence then  If you have an exam that week, please attend school as normal other than on the day (or days) you have an exam – on those days, study at home until the exam starts and go home after the exam is finished  S4 pupils taking 3 or more National 5 qualifications will have study leave; those taking fewer than 3 will follow an in-school programme throughout this period. Those not on study leave may study at home the day before a scheduled exam but should attend school at all other times. STUDY LEAVE

4  If you use a bus pass, you need pick up a letter from the school office to show to the bus driver when you travel to school at an alternative time.  Please take responsibility for this to ensure your bus pass is valid throughout the exam period – without the letter, you may be asked to pay your fare.  Some exams finish after 3:50 and, just like during prelims, others take place on Friday afternoons – please plan ahead. Invigilators will have late bus slips.  Please note that school transport will not run on Monday 18 th May as this is an in-service day for staff only. You will have to make your own transport arrangements that day or take a service bus. TRANSPORT

5  Ask your teacher!  Pens, pencils, eraser, calculator etc.  Your Scottish Candidate Number – this is vital  You can write it onto your SCN card at the back of the “Your Exams” booklet  NO mobile devices, books/notes, pencil cases must be taken into the exam room – leave bags outside EQUIPMENT

6  Communicate with the invigilators as appropriate – if you feel unwell, for example –they are there to help!  Sit in your allocated seat number – CHECK THIS CAREFULLY AND ASSUME NOTHING!  If you are late, you must report to Mrs Moore who will advise whether or not you may sit the exam  Check that the exam paper given to you is the right one – check the level  If you need extra paper, ask and when finished, put the extra sheets inside your answer book and put your name on everything! DURING THE EXAM

7  You are not permitted to leave early without an Invigilator’s permission – this is a change from the prelim diet  If you are prevented from sitting an exam by serious illness (or another good reason), you should report this to your school or college as soon as possible. All illness (minor ailments do not count) must be covered by a medical note from a GP in order to qualify for Exceptional Circumstances consideration. This service operates before results are sent out.

8  This is Results Day  Results will be sent to you and sent to school directly (if you are returning to school)  You can register up until 13 th July for results by text or email – go to and follow instructions (leaflet available!)  Support will be available in school and via the SQA Candidate Advice Line (4 th -7 th August) TUESDAY 4 TH AUGUST

9  Senior Staff will be in school on results day  Mrs Moore will be available in school for 2 days prior to the commencement of the new year in – an appointments system will operate for this period of time  Principal Teachers will go through results when they return to school and identify any candidates for whom a Post-Results Marking Review may be appropriate – performing under estimate is not a valid reason alone for such a review to be triggered POST-RESULTS SERVICE

10  If you sit a National 5 course and receive “No Award”, you may be awarded the course at National 4 level if you meet requirements. This may appear on your August certificate or can be credited to you later on in the year, once you return to school.  There is no Recognising Positive Achievement system for Higher or Advanced Higher. RECOGNISING POSITIVE ACHIEVEMENT

11  You will all be FABULOUS. GOOD LUCK

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