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North Bristol Post 16 Centre Yr 12 PEG 30 th April Preparing for exams Progression to Yr 13.

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1 North Bristol Post 16 Centre Yr 12 PEG 30 th April Preparing for exams Progression to Yr 13


3 What should students be doing? It’s never too late… How can your daughter/son change their grade? –Attend all lessons –Attend all catch up/revision sessions (even during study leave) –Meet all deadlines & get valuable feedback –Do they have a revision timetable? –How much work are they really doing outside of lessons? 4/5 hours per subject –Ask for feedback – what do I need to do to improve/secure a ‘X’ grade –Quiet study area –Is their part time job getting in the way? 9 hours max a week. Less in exam season –Other distractions – social life, facebook… –Exercise –Down time – important to switch off.

4 Supporting your child during exams Use a calendar to write down when all exams are Help them plan their time e.g. revision schedules (e.g. available) Get them to use subject checklists to prioritise their revision Provide a quiet, clutter free environment away from distractions Talk to them – get them to verbalise their learning Make sure they take plenty of rest breaks Accept that they might be more anxious than usual Get them to treat revision as an active process e.g. mind-maps, post it’s, mnemonics etc Contact school if you’re concerned about stress levels

5 And……. ….a well stocked fridge

6 The day of the exam Make sure they are aware if it is a morning or afternoon exam Arrive early Eat something light before – it will help concentration Check all materials which will be needed for the exam the night before Bring a bottle of water (without a label on the bottle) Do NOT bring mobile phones into the exam rooms All exams are taken at the school where students are registered, NOT where they are taught Avoid ‘cramming’ just before an exam Listen very carefully to the exam briefing at the start of the exam Thoroughly read the rubric on the exam paper

7 Remember, it will soon be over!

8 Last teaching day for year 12 is Friday May 9 th Study leave continues until Friday June 13th Some subjects may continue revision sessions during the exam time but only during lesson time Students return to school on Monday June 16 th to start their A2 classes in ALL subjects Please do not take a family holiday from June 16 th to July 22nd Students taking BTEC subjects do not have study leave

9 Gap Year Fair, Bristol (4 to 6pm) Wednesday 25 June… Bristol Grammar School An excellent opportunity to meet some of the best gap year providers in the country. Need gap year advice? The experts on the stands will be able to answer all your questions. No charge for admission & no booking required Parents welcome

10 ‘Futures 18’ June 30 – 4 July Visiting speakers University applications Personal statement support Open day visit Student finance Year in industry programme Gap years What employers are looking for 1:1 guidance Apprenticeships Extended project qualification launch Independent research time

11 Results day Thursday August 14 th from 1pm GOO1 in Charnwood Post-16 Atrium at Redland Green School Post 16 team will be around to provide support Passes in 3 AS/BTEC subjects a condition for returning to A2/BTEC courses (+ attendance, conduct) Appointment sessions available for post examination advice

12 Next PEG meeting Wednesday 2 nd July Introduction to higher education 7pm Charnwood House

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