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HOMEROOM MS. LEMIRE. MY CONTACT INFORMATION Name: Ms. Lemire Room: A325 We will have about 6 homeroom meetings this year.

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2 MY CONTACT INFORMATION Name: Ms. Lemire Room: A325 Email: We will have about 6 homeroom meetings this year.

3 INFORMATION FROM TODAY You will receive: Your ID tags Your schedules School photo information Lunch packet ALL MATERIALS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE MAIN OFFICE. Do not hand them to me!


5 DO NOW – 4 MINUTES On the notecard provided, please write and answer the following: Your name: Your birthdate: Your email address: Your home phone number: One interesting thing you want me to know about you.

6 AGENDA Information cards Response to prompt Classroom expectations Homework

7 SHORT RESPONSE – 3 MINUTES On the other side of your notecard, please answer what you think the following quote means in 2-3 sentences: The way to a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” ― Socrates

8 SHARE OUT Three student responses! Don’t be afraid to express yourself.


10 GRADING Don’t dismiss any assignments! A homework and a quiz may be worth the same points, depending on what I deem important.

11 TECHNOLOGY POLICY There is a time and a place for cell phones – I will let you know when that is. If you don’t adhere to the rules, there will be consequences!

12 CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS 1. Never use offensive or inappropriate language. 2. Arrive on time. 3. Be ready to learn and participate. 4. Come prepared with materials. 5. Turn in assignments when they are due. 6. Turn in assignments that are professional and done to your best effort. 7. Use the school website and my Twitter as a reference.

13 HOMEWORK Please have your syllabus signed by your parent or guardian. This is the first assignment and it is worth TEN points!

14 9/4/2014

15 HOMEWORK CHECK/DO NOW On a blank sheet of paper, write down TWO interesting things about yourself. Do not write your name. When done, wait silently for the next instruction.

16 HOUSEKEEPING Missed work – if you are missing work, you will find all of it in the bin to the right of my desk (your left from your vantage point). If you need to use the restroom, please make sure you SIGN OUT by the class expectations board.


18 DIRECTIONS, PART I Crumple up the piece of paper. When I say GO, you will have ONE MINUTE to throw the snowballs at one another. Keep throwing them so that they get as mixed up as possible. NOTE: HURLING THE BALL AT SOMEONE WITH THE INTENTION TO HARM WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Again – take that inch, but don’t take the mile. When the minute is up, pick up ONE snowball from the ground and sit quietly in your seat.

19 DIRECTIONS, PART II Around the room, we will read out our papers and try and figure out who the person is.

20 EXIT TICKET On the snowball that you have, write down one or two things you need from ME to have a successful school year.

21 SEPTEMBER 5, 2014

22 DO NOW – 3 MINUTES In your notebooks, write down TWO or THREE of the five elements on the argument rubrics NHS uses to grade your essays.

23 ANSWERS 1. Claims 2. Development 3. Audience 4. Cohesion 5. Style and Conventions This is great… but what does this all MEAN?!

24 AGENDA Do Now Answers Group activity Mini Presentations Exit


26 GROUP ACTIVITY You will be separated into FIVE groups of four. Each group will have a category. It is your job to highlight the distinctions (differences) between what makes an essay EXCEPTIONAL and what makes one INADEQUATE. Please write all of your answers on the chart paper provided.

27 THINGS TO ANSWER ON YOUR CHART PAPER: Rewrite the “Description” part IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Vocab words that specifically tell you what to ask for. if you don’t know a word, ONE person in the group can use their phone to look it up. What makes the different scoring grades (inadequate, exceptional, and everything in between) different? What are the expectations of a higher scored essay vs. a lower scored essay?

28 PRESENTATIONS Your groups will now present the differences. As the other group presents, you must follow along and highlight/underline the differences on your own papers.

29 HOMEWORK Your only homework is to NOT lose this rubric and bring it back to class next week.

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