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Welcome to Technology Ms. Swartwout.

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1 Welcome to Technology Ms. Swartwout

2 Today we will: Talk about classroom rules and consequences
Learn classroom procedures Learn how to log on and out of the computers


4 Classroom Rules Listen and raise your hand to talk.
Questions? Answers? Comments? Concerns? Need something? Raise your hand and wait silently until you are called on. Stay in your seat and work quietly. No one gets up without permission. NO food, drinks, gum, or candy in the computer lab. If I give you candy as a reward, it is to be eaten OUTSIDE of this room. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. NO exceptions. RESPECT everyone and everything. Be kind to each other as well as the equipment and furniture. Websites and images must be school appropriate.

5 Consequences Warning Half Recess Detention Full Recess Detention
After School/Lunch Detention Parent Conference *Severe or repeat offenses will skip steps. **Essays may be involved in detention. ***Cussing, fowl language, inappropriate comments = automatic Full Recess and/or Lunch Detention

6 Classroom Procedures - Entrance
Enter the room quietly, in an orderly manner and sit in your assigned seat. Be SILENT as soon as I start talking. Check your workstation. Computer, Desk, Supply Box, Floor, headphones bucket. Report any issues to your teacher before you begin working. Missing items from the supply box. Writing on the desk or computer. Something broken. Trash on desk or floor. Log into the computer. Do this right away unless told otherwise. Go to to read what we will be working on that day. Get your headphones ready. (IF needed)

7 Classroom Procedures – During
Leaving Log Raise your hand if you need to leave the classroom for any reason. Sign the leaving log (Date, Name, Destination, Time Out) Take the pass with you and don’t forget to return it. When you return hang the pass back up and write what time you returned. Tissues Raise your hand to ask to get up to get a tissue. If I am in the middle of teaching WAIT until I am done before asking. Emergencies are the ONLY exception. There are 5 tissue boxes around the room so use the one that is closest to where you are sitting. Trash Raise your hand to ask to go to the trash can. If I am in the middle of teaching WAIT until I am done before asking. There are 5 trash cans around the room so use the one that is closest to where you are sitting. Need help? Raise your hand to ask for help and wait to be called on. Do not ask your neighbor unless I have said that is allowed.

8 Classroom Procedures - Exiting
Log out of the computer. If needed, be SURE to SAVE your work before logging out. Check your workstation. Computer, Desk, Supply Box, Floor Take care of any issues that you can take care of. Report issues to the teacher. Put your headphones away NEATLY Push in your chair. Take your belongings.

9 What’s new? Say goodbye to Student#, Student# logins and hello to your own individual login information! A message from Baltimore City Public Schools CEO, Dr. Gregory Thornton:

10 Individual Student Logins
Username = your student ID number. Password = you will create your own Be SURE it is something you can easily remember. Must be 8 characters long and have at least: 1 CAPITAL LETTER lowercase letters 1 number CANNOT have any part of your name. Need password ideas? Pick two of these: Favorite Color Favorite Food Favorite Sports Team Favorite Activity Favorite Subject Add your favorite number. Example: PurpleCat3 RedPizza4 MAKE SURE IT IS SOMETHING YOU CAN EASILY REMEMBER

11 Individual Student Logins
Grades 2 – 4 watch this video. Grades– 5- 8 watch this video. Now: Turn on your computer Enter your Student ID as the Username Enter Welcome2015 as the initial password It will prompt you to create a new password Enter your new password then enter it again to confirm the password. You must type it in EXACTLY the same way both times.

12 Don’t Forget… …to LOG OFF when class ends every time.
Be SURE you SAVED your work first! Click on the Start menu in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. It’s the circle icon with a colorful window in it. Click on the little arrow NEXT TO Shut Down DO NOT click on Shut Down Click on “Log Off”

13 Logging on After Resetting Your Password
After you have reset your password to have your own unique password, this is how the log in screen will look from now on…

14 Reminders TWO papers will go home today
Student Computer Login Card for Homework Technology Information Sheet Extra Credit Have your parents me at to earn you extra credit. They MUST put your Name and Homeroom number or teacher in the subject line. Homework Grades 3 – 8 Weekly Access it on Coach Class - Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30. Priority is given to students who are working on assignments for me but if there are computers available you are welcome to work on assignments for other classes. Coach class is for WORKING on assignments and typing, not for playing games. DO NOT come to me on the morning an assignment is due, or while I am with a class, and ask to type an assignment or print something. If you need to work on an assignment or print something in the computer lab, you need to PLAN AHEAD to come to Coach Class. Grades Home – 20% Effort – 10% Everything Else = 70%

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