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Chapter 2 Section 5 Roots of Judaism

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1 Chapter 2 Section 5 Roots of Judaism
World History Chapter 2 Section 5 Roots of Judaism

2 Israelites Monotheistic – belief in one god
Hebrew – ancient Israelites God = all knowing, all powerful, present everywhere Torah – sacred text – record of events and laws First five books of the bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Hebrew Bible included 24 books

3 Ancient Israelites Abraham – lived in Ur in Mesopotamia
Migrated to Canaan with family Father of the Israelite people Covenant – binding agreement Believed God made covenant with Abraham / Jewish people

4 Two declarations: 1)God declared special relationships with Abraham and his descendents 2) Declared Canaan would belong to Israelites Israelites migrated to Egypt and were enslaved Moses – renewed God’s covenant with Israelites Moses led them out of slavery – 40 yrs. In the wilderness – Moses died before they made it


6 Kingdom of Israel 1000 B.C. – Established Kingdom of Israel
Twelve separate tribes – fought Joined by David – second king of Israel Solomon – (David’s son) – turned Jerusalem into an impressive capital - wise

7 Division and Conquest Solomon’s projects cost money – taxed people
Led to revolt – split up Israel Israel in North – Judah in South Israel captured by the Assyrians and Judah captured by Babylonian’s Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Solomon’s Great temple, forced Israelites into exile in Babylon for 50 years

8 Persian Ruler Cyrus the Great – captured Babylon and freed the Israelites
Had come from the Kingdom of Judah – became known as the Jews Rebuilt Solomon’s Great Temple – smaller version and remained under Persian rule

9 Law and Morality Law is a central concept of Israelites
Torah had many laws – called books of law Dealt with everyday matters – cleanliness and food preparation, also criminal behavior

10 Israelite Society Patriarchal – men held greatest legal and moral authority Oldest male was the head of household – arranged marriages for daughters Women – few rights Deborah – judge – won honor

11 Ten Commandments Set of laws given to them from God through Moses
Keeping the Sabbath – holy day Honoring parents, no killing, no stealing Prophets – spiritual leaders that interpret God’s will – warned that failure would lead to disaster Ethics – moral standards of behavior – taught by prophets

12 All people equal before God
Ruler was not seen as a God – leaders were human and had to obey God’s laws After Babylonian captivity – 500 years period – left homeland and moved to different parts of the world Called Diaspora – spreading out of Jews

13 Settled in close-knit communities in which they followed and obeyed laws and traditions
Helped them survive/endure centuries of persecution – unfair treatment Today Judaism = Major Religion – influenced Christianity and Islam All honor Abraham, Moses, prophets

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