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1 Hebrews

2 Canaan

3 Canaan Ancient Home of the Hebrews/Jews

4 Background Settled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River Valley The Hebrew Bible refers to Canaan as the land God promised to the Israelites

5 Monotheism The belief in one god This was practiced by the Hebrews
the first to be monotheistic

6 Origins of Judaism The monotheism of Abraham became the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

7 Torah The first five books of the Hebrew Bible
Contains the written records and the beliefs of the Jews

8 Abraham The father of the Jewish people Lived in Mesopotamia
Move his family to Canaan Around 1650 BC, his decedents moved to Egypt

9 Abraham

10 Hebrew GOD One God No Physical Being First Covenant-Oral Contract
Abraham to obey/God Protect

11 Moses In Egypt, the Hebrews were forced to be slaves
Between 1300 and 1200, the Hebrews fled Egypt This is known as the “Exodus”

12 Exodus Moses led the people out of Egypt according to the Torah
He did this because he was commanded by God

13 Ten Commandments New Covenant
This became the basis for the Hebrew law code With this code they believed that by following the commandments God would protect them


15 Arrival in Canaan Wandered desert for 40 years Settled in Canaan
Divided into 12 tribes led by judges-self governing

16 Women Were not religious officials Expected to raise children
Deborah (exception) A judge

17 Law Religious Code Ten Commandments
Rules that regulate social and religious behavior

18 Geography of Canaan Rocky, arid desert Central Feature- Jordan River

19 Kingdom of Israel From 1020 to 922 BC, the Hebrews united under three kings Golden Age of Israel


21 Saul Drove Philistines out of Canaan-reason chosen as leader

22 David United the Tribes Founded a Dynasty
Establish Jerusalem as Capital Extremely popular leader

23 Solomon Son of David Most powerful Israelite King Established Trade
Rebuilt Jerusalem Built Great Temple

24 Solomon’s Temple


26 Kingdom Divides Harsh Conditions Heavy Taxes Forced Labor
Israel splits after Solomon’s death Israel North/Judah South

27 Kingdom taken Over In 738 BC the Israelites began to pay tribute to the Assyrians took over the northern Kingdom of Israel

28 Babylonians Took over Judah The Babylonians destroyed Solomon’s temple and exiled the surviving Hebrews to Babylon

29 Exile Banished or deported from a land
The Hebrews kept studying their Bible About 50 years later they were allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple

30 Diaspora The scattering of Jewish Communities
After the exile, Hebrews spread across the land They spread the teachings of Judaism


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