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Roots of Judaism Chapter 2 section 5.

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1 Roots of Judaism Chapter 2 section 5

2 Judaism Judaism was developed 4,000 years ago
Considered a major religion Developed in Israel

3 The Ancient Israelites Shape a Unique Belief System
Ancient Israelites also called Hebrews Monotheistic – belief in only one god Believed in an all-knowing, all-powerful God who was present everywhere Torah – recorded events and laws; most sacred texts Talmud – additional laws and customs

4 The Ancient Israelites
According to the Torah, Abraham (the father of the Israelites) lived near Ur Around 2,000 B.C. him and his family migrated to Canaan

5 God Makes a Covenant With the Israelites
God spoke to Abraham and said that: 1. God would have a special relationship with Abraham and his descendants Chosen for obligations and duties for the world 2. God declared that Canaan (“promised land”) would belong to the Israelites

6 God Makes a Covenant With the Israelites
Moses renewed God’s covenant Genesis tells of a famine that forced Israelites to Egypt where they were enslaved For their obedience to God, Moses led them into the promised land

7 The Kingdom of Israel Established
Israelites set up the kingdom of Israel with 12 separate tribes David, the 2nd king of Israel, united them into a single nation David’s son Solomon followed him as king

8 Solomon Took Jerusalem and made it into an impressive capital
Known for an impressive temple dedicated to God Negotiated with Egypt and Mesopotamia

9 Israel Suffers Division and Conquest
Solomon’s buildings required forced labor and high taxes  revolt Israelites remained independent for 200 years Assyrians captured Israel and Babylonians captured Judah Babylonian Captivity Cyrus from Persia freed the Israelites Most of the Israelites were from Judah so they were called Jews

10 Judaism Teaches About Law and Morality
Torah includes laws often referred to as the Books of the Law Cleanliness and food preparation Israel society was patriarchal – men held the greatest legal and moral authority

11 Judaism Teaches About Law and Morality
Ten Commandments – set of laws that Jews believe God gave them through Moses Sabbath – holy day for rest and worship Prophets (Jeremiah and Isaiah) reminded people of their duties Had strong ethics – moral standards Diaspora – moving of Jews to different parts of the world

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