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The Hebrews and Judaism

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1 The Hebrews and Judaism

2 Key Terms Judaism Torah Abraham Covenant Patriarch Moses Exodus
Diaspora Monotheism

3 The Early Hebrews Nomadic pastoralists 2000-1500BC in Fertile Crescent
Judaism- laws and requirements of their religion Later formed the Hebrew and Christian Bible

4 The Early Hebrews The Hebrew Fathers Torah Abraham- shepherd in Ur
The five books of early Hebrew history Abraham- shepherd in Ur God told Abraham to leave Mesopotamia Covenant-promised to lead Abraham to a new land

5 The Early Hebrews Canaan- was the promised land Abraham
Jacob was his grandson Had 12 sons Ancestors of the 12 tribes Jacob called Israel Became the Israelites

6 The Early Hebrews Patriarch- ancestral father
Israelites and modern Jews Consider Abraham His son Isaac Isaac's son Jacob Israelites left Canaan for Egypt lived well Later became slaves

7 Moses and the Exodus Bitter toil as slaves Moses Born of an Israelite
Raised in Pharaoh's palace God spoke to him Went to Pharaoh for release Pharaoh refused

8 Moses and the Exodus Exodus-Moses lead Israelites out of Egypt
Series of plagues hit Egypt Exodus-Moses lead Israelites out of Egypt Proved God loved them Passover- special meal in the spring Wandered desert for years

9 Moses and the Exodus Sinai Mountain
God gave Moses the ten commandments States only God exists Importance of self control Israelis made a new covenant Major influence on Western civilization

10 The Promised Land Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years
Land of milk and honey Israelites battled to win back Canaan Now called Israel

11 Kingdom of Israel Settled in scattered communities
Organized by the 12 tribes Deborah most effective judges said the Bible Prophets carried the message of faith

12 Saul, David, Solomon 1000BC Philistines attacked
Saul- first king, good fighter David Second king People loved him Strong king Israel grew Jerusalem became the capitol

13 Saul, David, Solomon Solomon Israel reached its height
Praised for his wisdom Traded with other powers Became very rich Built a magnificent temple

14 Division and Conquest After Solomon’s death
Ten tribes formed Israel Two tribes formed Judah Israel fell to the Assyrians Judah to the Chaldeans Destroyed the temple Brought thousands of Jews to Babylon Diaspora-the scattering of the Jews outside Judah

15 Teachings of Judaism Belief in One God Monotheistic
Most ancient world was not World’s first monotheistic religion

16 Justice and Righteousness
Treating people with kindness Doing what is right Emphasis on righteousness Strong code of ethics This tradition later carried to Christianity Judeo-Christian Ethic

17 Obedience to Law Most important laws Mosaic Law Ten commandments
Guides many areas of Jewish life How and when to worship Limits the food eaten How foods are prepared Today food prepared this way is called kosher

18 Jewish Sacred Texts Most sacred is the Torah Talmud
First part of Hebrew Bible Early prophets Writing that contain lessons Talmud Written over the centuries Explains and interprets other texts Helps Jews stay united

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