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Ancient Israel Review. The people who became Jews first lived in ……

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1 Ancient Israel Review

2 The people who became Jews first lived in ……


4 In 1950 BCE, the jewish people moved to ……

5 Canaan They left Canaan for Egypt because of …..

6 famine

7 Canaan was an important location because……

8 1. It had coastal access to the Mediterranean Sea, making it a good trading route. 2. It had fertile plains which made it a place where crops could grow.

9 The origins of Judaism and its basic teachings and laws were recorded in its most sacred text, the ……

10 Torah

11 What is written in the Torah?

12 1. The same information that can be found in the Christian Old Testament. 2. The traditions and customs of the Jewish people. 3. Over 100 rules or commandments passed down by God.

13 What was the main difference between the religion of Ancient Israel and the religions of Ancient Mesopotamian people?

14 The belief in one god rather than many gods.

15 Who wandered for 40 years and what did God give him?

16 Moses was given the 10 Commandments and he wandered for40 years.

17 Who led the Hebrews exodus from Egypt to Canaan?

18 Moses

19 Who is the father of Monotheism?

20 Abraham

21 What did the Israelites promise when they agreed to the covenant?

22 They agreed to obey the 10 Commandments

23 The Jews moved to the “Promised Land” and who become the first king of Israel?

24 Saul

25 With who did Saul battle?

26 The Philistines, but he could not defeat them.

27 After King Saul, who were the next two kings of Israel?

28 David and Solomon

29 Who did David defeat while he was King of Israel?

30 Goliath & Philistines

31 Can you name three other things done by King David?

32 1. United 12 tribes into 1 nation. 2. Formed a strong army and created a central government with courts and officials. 3. He established Jerusalem as the capital city.

33 King Solomon made Jerusalem a holy city. What did he build?

34 The Great Temple - the first temple for God.

35 After the death of Solomon, what happened when the Kingdom of Israel split into two parts?

36 Israel in the north and Judah in the south.

37 What are three of King Solomon’s accomplishments?

38 1. He created a major building program. 2. He found new trading partners. 3. He established peace treaties with neighboring kingdoms like Egypt.

39 By whom were the Israelites conquered in 721 BCE ?

40 New Assyrians

41 Name the leader who was responsible for burning down the Great Temple of Solomon?

42 Nebuchadnezzar

43 By who was Judah conquered

44 Judah was conquered by the Neo-babylonians

45 Name the empire which never conquered the Jewish people in their homeland?

46 Sumerian

47 What happened to the Jews after Cyrus the Great conquered the Neo Babylonians?

48 Babylonian captivity is ended and the Jews return to Judah.

49 Who put down the rebellion in Judah?

50 The Romans

51 What happened after the Romans went into Judah?

52 1.Many Jews were killed or enslaved. 2.Romans burn the 2 nd temple 3.Jews flee Judah.

53 What is the Diaspora?

54 Its when the Jews leave Judah

55 What does convenant mean?

56 A Promise

57 What does Abraham mean, and how did Abram earn his name?

58 Abraham means father of many. God changed Abrah name to Abraham


60 The belief in only one god.

61 Who is the Messiah?

62 A savior who many Jews believe had been promised to them by God.

63 Put the following in the correct order: Abraham moves from Ur to Canaan Babylonians attack Judah King Solomon builds temple Moses leads people out of Egypt

64 Abraham moves from Ur to Canaan Moses leads people out of Egypt King Solomon builds temple Babylonians attack Judah

65 Put the following in correct order Kingdom of Israel splits into two kingdoms Saul becomes king Assyrians attack Israel David becomes king

66 Saul becomes king David becomes king Kingdom of Israel splits into two kingdoms Assyrians attack Israel


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