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Chapter 3 Section 4 Notes I. The Search for A Promised Land.

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2 Chapter 3 Section 4 Notes

3 I. The Search for A Promised Land

4 Land of Canna

5 A. Hebrews lived in the land of Cannan also called Palestine

6 B. First five books of the Old Testament were called the Torah, the holy book of the Hebrews

7 C. Abraham was the father of the Hebrew and lived in the Mesopotamian city Ur around 2000 B.C.


9 D. Around 1650 B.C. his descendents decided to move to Egypt where they became slaves

10 E. Hebrews had one God named Yahweh, monotheism

11 F. Covenant was where Abraham promised to obey God and God promised to protect Abraham and his descendants

12 G. Ark of the Covenant

13 Ark of Covenant

14 1. Where Yahweh lived

15 2. Ten Commandments

16 3. Moses staff

17 Moses by Michelangelo

18 H. Hebrews became enslaved in Egypt

19 1. Forced to do hard work

20 3. Moses leads them out called the Exodus


22 4. Passover

23 5. Mt. Sinai he receives the Ten Commandments from God

24 I. Judges would govern in times of emergency

25 1. One women judge named Deborah

26 J. Religion teachers called prophets interpreted the Torah

27 II. The Kingdom of Israel

28 A. The Hebrews were threatened by the Philistines

29 David and Goliath

30 B. One of the large tribes was from Judah thus the Hebrews became known as Jews or Judaism

31 C. Three strong kings of Israel

32 1. Saul chosen because he drove out the Philistines

33 2. David establishes Jerusalem as the capitol of the Hebrews

34 Jerusalem today

35 3. Solomon

36 Kingdom of David And Solomon

37 a. Built trading empire

38 b. Built a large temple

39 1. Which held the Ark of the Covenant

40 D. Discontent divides the kingdom with Israel in the north and Judah in the south

41 III. The Babylonian Captivity

42 A. In 738 B.C. both Israel and Judah began paying a tribute to the Assyrians

43 B. In 722 B.C. all of Israel and Judah fell to the Assyrians

44 C. Babylonians conquered Syria and Palestine by 586 B.C.

45 1. Babylonian Captivity

46 2. Time of Nebuchadnezzar

47 D. Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered the Babylonians and eased control over the Hebrews

48 Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday

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