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For Ms. White’s Classroom

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1 For Ms. White’s Classroom
Procedures For Ms. White’s Classroom

2 A procedure is a way of doing something
A procedure is a way of doing something. All teachers have procedures that they want students to follow, but they don’t always tell the class what those are. I will tell you exactly what I would like for you to do so that you will know what to expect. Remember that a procedure is not a rule – it is just how we do something. Breaking a rule results in being punished. Not following a procedure just means that something doesn’t get accomplished.

3 How to Enter the Classroom
Enter the classroom when you are ready to be quiet and get started on work for class. Go directly to your assigned seat. Make sure that you have all of the materials that you will need for class.

4 What to Do Right After the Bell Rings
Immediately start on your bell-ringer. When you finish, please wait quietly for other instructions. Look on the board to see if you can get started on the next activity for the day.

5 What to Do During Instruction
Listen to the teacher with your full attention. Do not talk or whisper. Do not write anything. You will be given time to take notes. Ask permission to speak by raising your hand.

6 Only ask questions related to the subject.
Make sure that you understand the concept. If not, ask questions until you do.

7 How to Write a Heading for an Assignment
In the upper left corner of your paper, write the following: Your name Class Name Assignment Title Date **Your assignment will not receive full credit if your heading is not complete because I cannot correctly process it in my grading system without the information in the heading.

8 What to Do If You Have a Question
Decide first if there is a way to get the information on your own. For instance, you could find the page number for a section the class is reading by looking in the book’s table of contents. If you can get the information on your own, please do so. If you cannot, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

9 What to Do If You Need to Sharpen Your Pencil
Decide if the class would be interrupted if you got up to go to the pencil sharpener. An example of an inappropriate time would be while the teacher is giving instructions. When you are sure that it is an appropriate time to sharpen your pencil, walk to the pencil sharpener and back to your desk quietly and without disturbing anyone.

10 What to Do If You Need to Go to the Restroom
Wait for an appropriate time. If the teacher is giving instruction, you should wait. Quietly ask the teacher to go to the restroom. If she gives you permission, fill out your emergency hall pass and hand it to the teacher. Take the classroom hall pass with you.

11 When you return, please replace the hall pass and do not disturb others.
**You will not be given permission to leave the room after your passes have been used. Bathroom passes cannot be shared with other students.

12 What to Do If the Teacher Raises Her Hand
Immediately become silent, raise your hand, and face the teacher for further instructions.

13 What to Do If You Finish Your Work Early
You may work on one of the following activities: Read a book Read a magazine Work on homework Draw

14 What to Do When You Wish to Speak During Discussion
Raise your hand and wait for your turn to speak. 2. Be respectful of others. This means saying, “I disagree” instead of “That’s stupid.”

15 3. Respond to what others have said. For example, you could say,
“I agree with what Josh said, and I also think…”

16 What to Do At the End of Class
Clean your work area and take all garbage to the trash can. Wait for Ms. White to dismiss you. The ring of the bell does not dismiss you.

17 What to Do If You Don’t Understand the Homework
Call your Study Buddy to ask for help. If your Study Buddy cannot help you, ask a parent or another family member for help. If you still do not understand the homework, ask the teacher for help.

18 What to Do If There Is a Drill
Be quiet immediately and look at the teacher. Wait for instructions. If the class must move to a different area, stay with the rest of the class and be prepared for a roll call.

19 Fire Drill Stand and calmly go to the door. For this class, go to the bus loading area downstairs (near the cafeteria). Go across to the grassy area. Stay with your class. I will join the group and take roll. Do not go off with your friends to other areas.

20 Severe Weather Drill Stand and calmly go to the door. For this class, turn right as you exit the door. Go to the main office pod. Sit on the floor, and listen for roll call. Sit quietly until the announcement to return to class.

21 Lock Down Close blinds and turn off lights. I will lock the door. Come sit around my desk – as close to the corner of the room as we can get. Do not talk at all. We will wait quietly until we get the all clear message.

22 Lab Act responsibly at all times in the laboratory
Follow all instructions given, orally or in writing, by my teacher Perform only those activities assigned and approved by my teacher Protect my eyes, face, hands, and body by wearing proper clothing and using protective equipment provided by my school Carry out good housekeeping practices as instructed by my teacher

23 Lab Know the location of safety and first aid equipment in the laboratory Notify my teacher immediately of an emergency Never eat of drink in the laboratory Never enter or work in a supply area unless instructed to do so by my teacher If the safety contract is violated, the student will be required to leave the lab and will receive a grade of zero for that lab activity.

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