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Copy procedures in your Agenda Book in the NOTES section. USE PENCIL ONLY! Title: Classroom Procedures.

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2 Copy procedures in your Agenda Book in the NOTES section. USE PENCIL ONLY! Title: Classroom Procedures

3 Classroom Procedures

4 Entering the classroom Quietly Walk to your assigned seat Take a seat Take out your supplies Place your book bag on or under your desk Begin the dispatch

5 Dispatch Criteria Each dispatch is worth 5 points. In order to receive full points, you must copy the question and answer options. The dispatch is an independent activity, so NO TALKING during the dispatch. Always TRY your best on the dispatch problems.

6 Tardy Procedures I expect you to be in your seat and working on your dispatch before the tardy bell rings. Three(3) tardies = “U” in cooporations

7 Dismissal The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell. Teacher will dismiss the class by rows, checking for clean desks and floor area. Everyone in the row must be ready in order for the row to be dismissed.

8 Passes Passes will not be given during class. Take care of business during the five minute passing time, or during nutrition and lunch. Each student will receive ONE BATHROOM PASS per semester. If you choose to not use the pass, it can be redeemed for 10 extra points.

9 Sharpening Sharpen pencils before class only. No pencil sharpener is available during class time. Bring your own covered sharpener Sharpen pencils at your desk and not on the floor.

10 Absent Procedures When absent, it is your responsibility to check with a classmate or with Mrs. Maye for assignments that you need to make-up. Always check the side board for activity sheets that must be glued into your notebook. Have an in class math buddy that you can contact regarding assignments when you are absent. Always check the JB website –

11 Homework Collection Homework will be completed in your Interactive Notebook. All homework assignments must have a title and a date. Homework will be checked everyday using the Homework sheet for completion Homework Points: –10 Completed all problems in the assignment. –05 Completed half of the assignment. –0 Did not complete the assignment. Homework will be corrected in class by you, using red ink only. Use corrected homework to study for quizzes, tests, and assessments.

12 Cornell Notes All information given to you goes on the right side. Questions go on the left side. Work on creating higher level thinking questions. Summary must be 2-3 sentences only. In order to receive full credit for Cornell Notes, the questions and summary sections must be complete.

13 Turning in Classwork All class work will be completed in your Interactive Notebook. All assignments must have a title, a date and be corrected in red ink. Use corrected classwork to study for quizzes, tests, and assessments.

14 Talking in Class Use indoor voices in the classroom Remain silent while working independently. Only get out of your seat with permission. Students must always raise their hand, and wait for Mrs. Maye to call on them before speaking out or leaving their seat.

15 Be Respectful! Stop whatever you are doing when you hear the PA system. No talking during announcements. Do not talk to visitors unless they are here to see you. Continue working quietly when Mrs. Maye is talking to a guest.

16 Inappropriate Behavior Coming in the classroom too loud Consequence Go out and re-enter the room

17 Inappropriate Behavior Trash on the floor Consequence Pick up all trash

18 Inappropriate Behavior Gum chewing Food in the classroom Beverages Consequences Immediately throw gum, food, or drink away

19 Inappropriate Behavior No supplies Consequence Parent note home or phone call home

20 Inappropriate Behavior Play – fighting Talkative Disruptive Consequence Phone call home, Lunch detention or Parent conference

21 Inappropriate Behavior Electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, etc.) Consequence Confiscated and returned only to a parent and or guardian.

22 I’m done, Now what? If you finish your work early or you have some “down" time, you are to update your table of contents or review your notes by adding color, highlighting, underlining, boxing the important things. Always make sure you are ready for the next NOTEBOOK CHECK!

23 All class work, homework, Cornell Notes, and dispatches must be completed in pencil only. All Problems of the Month must be typed.

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