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Welcome to Cpt. Tarleton’s Classroom

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1 Welcome to Cpt. Tarleton’s Classroom

2 Lets get to know each other!

3 SMA rules SMA school rules always have precedent and should be followed at all times. Be to class on time. Bring necessary materials to class. Upon entering stow backpacks at computer desk. Raise hand to speak and wait to be addressed. Address teachers as M’AM or SIR or by rank. Use restrooms before or after class. No food or drinks in class (except bottled water). NO GUM Do not leave classroom without teachers permission and hall pass. OFF, OFF AWAY! No electronic devices!! Stay in seat until dismissed at end of class.

4 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Between classes, during lunch, or any unstructured time: Report to parking lot back of school and fall-in by battalion formation. Code Red – FULL LOCKDOWN Code White – LIMITED LOCKDOWN Code Yellow – EVACUATE Fire

5 My Expectations 1. RESPECT – me, each other, my class room, SMA
2. Be Prepared - Come to class with necessary materials – this includes independent reading book. 3. Be seated - when the bell rings and working on warm-up. 4. Complete all assignments 5. Work hard, try your best, and have fun.

6 Daily Schedule Monday -Thursday -- 5 minutes –Warm-up
15 minutes –homework review 40 minutes – Teacher led Small Groups or activity related to whole group instruction 20 minutes – Collaborative/Independent Friday – 25 minutes – review 35 minutes – quiz 20 minutes – independent reading or finishing any missing MATH work.

7 Classroom Procedures A procedure is how I want something done in this classroom. –NOTEBOOKS, GROUPS, ETC. Classroom procedures vary from class to class and from teacher to teacher.

8 Procedure for Classroom Assignments
Write your full name on your papers Write the complete date Write the Class period Write the above heading at the top right corner of all your papers. Title assignment and page

9 Example of heading paper
Cpt. Tarleton Period 3 8/18/14 Page 11 #1-13 odd

10 Entering the Classroom Procedure
Enter the room quickly and quietly. Do not enter until all students from previous class has left. Get out all needed materials, stowing your backpack by the computer desk. Be seated in your assigned seat. Get out notebook and begin start working on warm-up. If you finish the warm-up early, read in your independent reading book quietly. Quietly, patiently wait for instruction.

11 Tardy Procedure If you’re not in your seat when the bell rings---YOU’RE LATE! HAVE A PASS!!!!! Or you will be sent back to get one. Enter the classroom quietly, sign the class log, and join in the classroom activities with minimal disruption. Unexcused tardy will result in 10 point deduction from your employability for the week.

12 End of the Class Dismissal Procedure
The bell does not dismiss you, I do. Teacher will instruct you to put away materials and pack-up at the end of class. Police your area! Make sure desk area is neat and trash is picked up. Teacher will call the class to attention and dismiss cadets. Do not leave seat and line-up at door. Proceed quickly and quietly out the door.

13 When you finish work early
Read your independent reading book. Work on any missing MATH assignments. Sit quietly. Wait patiently.

14 Procedures for Bathroom
The best time for bathroom use is before and after class. You may not go to the bathroom within the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes of class. You should not leave class to use the bathroom unless it is truly necessary. You must get permission from the teacher without disrupting class. — use hand signal Sign out on the clipboard by the door and use the bathroom pass. Only one person at a time will use the bathroom. DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND AND INTERUPT ME WHILE I AM TALKING TO ASK TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. WAIT FOR A BREAK IN INSTRUCTION.


16 Procedures for Classroom Visitors
Classroom leader or teacher will call class to attention. You will stand at attention until told otherwise. After told to sit, do so quietly.

17 Thank You!!! Thank you for following the classroom procedures.
•This will allow us to have a wonderful, creative, and productive semester with minimal stress and wasted time.

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