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Mrs. Holly’s Procedures and Expectations

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1 Mrs. Holly’s Procedures and Expectations

2 Classroom Conduct Expectations Expectation #1- Be in your assigned seat and working on assigned bellwork within 5 mins. of being dismissed from previous class. Expectation #2- Bring ALL books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave. Expectation #3- Follow directions the 1st time they are given.

3 Expectation #4- Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.
Expectation #5- Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Henderson County Board of Education Handbook. (This is in your agenda.) Expectation #6- No food, gum, candy, or drinks are allowed in the classroom. These rules have been consistant throughout your time at WES, and will receive an automatic conduct point deduction!!

4 Expectation # 7- Absolutely never ever, ever, ever, ever argue with the teacher. If you need to discuss an issue with me, please find me at an appropriate time after class.

5 Classroom Procedures 1. Entering the Room Please enter the room quietly Have a seat Take out your materials Begin bellwork

6 Classroom Procedures 2. Tardies/Lateness You are tardy/late if you are not in the room after 5 mins. of being dismissed from previous class. Being tardy for class is 1 point off of conduct grade.

7 Classroom Procedures 3. Getting your Attention I will… Stand in front of the class Raise my hand or call for your attention Wait for everyone to be quiet Begin speaking When I raise my hand…you should raise yours also. I call this “Give me five.”

8 Classroom Procedures 4. Paper Headings All papers MUST have a heading On the left hand side, on the top line, please place your First and Last name, then the date, then the class period. In the uppermost right hand corner, please place your unique student number. (This will be assigned to you.) Papers will not be accepted without the appropriate heading.

9 Holly Rawls August 5, 2009 1st Period 24 R
Paper Heading Example Holly Rawls August 5, st Period R First and Date Class Period Student # Last Name (May be numeric) (R stands for Rawls)

10 Classroom Procedures 5. Finishing Work Early (what do I do next) Begin homework Read a library book Complete work for another class You may ask me if there is any work around the class that I need help with (Remember to raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.) You may also ask to work on one of the student computers. There will be a 15 minute time limit if there are multiple students wanting to use the computers. (Again, remember to raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.) Computer time will be to complete educational related games or lessons only.

11 Classroom Procedures 6. After an Excused Absence Come to me at an appropriate time, such as independent work time and ask for your make-up work. This is the student’s responsibility. Students have one day for every day missed to complete and return work.

12 Classroom Procedures 7. Scheduled Check-Out Please let me know as you enter the classroom, so I can make sure you have the assigned work for the day before you leave. Pack your materials quietly, when you are called to check out. Be sure to write down your assignments in your agenda before your leave. Since you are present, the work will be expected the next day as usual.

13 Classroom Procedures 8. Turning in Paper Please pass your papers to the front of the row when requested (you do not need to talk while doing this) Person at the front of the row will organize papers according to student numbers and help check for appropriate heading. I will come by and collect the papers. If we are not seated in order of numbers, I may ask one student to organize papers for me according to number.

14 Classroom Procedures 9. Classroom Discussions I use the “Stick Method” for class questioning and discussions. When your stick is pulled you will be required to answer a question or participate in discussion. You may not respond with: “I didn’t do number so and so.” or “I don’t know.” I want you to think and respond. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion. In other words, “Don’t ask what we are having for lunch in the middle of a intellectual class discussion. PLEASE!!!

15 Classroom Procedures 10. Moving around the room/leaving the room
I do not require you to ask permission every time you need to sharpen your pencil or throw something away. Please use common sense and manors when throwing something away or sharpening a pencil. Use the trash can nearest to you. Do not walk completely around to the other side of the room to throw something away. Obviously, if I am speaking it is NOT a good time. If we are viewing a BrainPop or other educational video, it is NOT a good time. Videos are part of the lesson and I don’t want you to miss important information. You may only leave the room to use the restroom or see the nurse only if it is an emergency. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the appropriate time.

16 Classroom Procedures 11. Class Dismissal I dismiss class, not the clock, another student, or next class in the hallway! Do not start packing up prior to being told. Wait until I finish and officially dismiss you.

17 Special Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis Library/computer lab Guest speakers Progress reports Fire/tornado drills Assemblies/Pep Rallies Substitute Teacher (All guidelines and procedures will apply and conduct checks will be doubled when I return!! I expect you to act like angels for my sub!!)

18 Failure to Comply with Guidelines and Procedures
First time: Warning Second time: 1 Conduct point deducted. Third time: 1 Conduct Point Deducted (Miss break) Fourth time- 1 Conduct Point Deducted (Miss break + P.E.) Fifth time- Office Referral, this means you have four checks total.

19 Following Guidelines/Procedures will result in… -Verbal praise - A stress-free and happy learning environment - A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere There should be no reason to be sent to the office…

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