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R ULES AND P ROCEDURES Mrs. Lyons Room 306 8 th Grade Language Arts.

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2 R ULES AND P ROCEDURES Mrs. Lyons Room 306 8 th Grade Language Arts

3 R ULES 1. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings 2. Be respectful of others: Raise hand before getting out of seat, be quiet when someone is speaking, and respect others’ property 3. Do not pack up things or leave the room before I say it’s time 4. Obey all school rules

4 C ONSEQUENCES 1. Warning 2. Converse with me after class 3. Converse with me and parent contact 4. CHOICES 5. Detentions, call home, AND a U *Sometimes severity of actions require me to refer you to administration before numbers 1-3 have been completed

5 B E C AREFUL I keep track of your indiscretions (CLASS DOJO) You may become ineligible for sports because of ONE U Follow the Rules in ROOM 306 to avoid earning an unsatisfactory mark

6 P ROCEDURES Absent: Look at the board with the weekly schedule to see what we did in class OR check If you’ve been absent, look for current unit in the absent binder. Look for any worksheets or handouts you do not have. Schedule make-up quizzes or tests Please let me know if you are aware of future dates you will be absent. Alarms: In the case of a fire or evacuation drill, you are expected to remain calm and collected and listen to instructions from me or a person in charge.

7 W ORK PACKETS Accumulated Work Packets: I collect most homework and classwork at the end of units, even work that was stamped for being completed on a certain day. You receive a packet evaluation sheet about a week before the work is due. You will have time to make up work you are missing. However, if the assignment was stamped, it’s worth half credit made-up. All evaluation sheets will be viewable online at

8 PROCEDURES Attendance: I will check your attendance every day at the beginning of class. You must be in your assigned seats or you will be marked tardy or absent. 2 Tardies = parent contact 3 tardies = parent contact and CHOICES 4 + tardies = parent contact and detention What is my Number 1 rule ?

9 P ROCEDURES When you need to go to the bathroom, you must give me a coupon or I’ll sign your hall pass Behave appropriately while outside the classroom Bathroom breaks

10 COUPONS You get TWO and you can earn more! They are good for: Bathroom Locker Pencil 5 points extra credit You can save all of them and attach them all to one assignment. You can attach one ore more to papers, projects and packets. They MUST be attached to an assignment in order to get points for them. I will not give you points if you hand them to me on the day of the final. They must be turned in before the final!

11 B EHAVIOR be on task during class instruction and activities participate in class discussions and activities

12 Raise your hand to get out of your seat to use a pencil sharpener or other equipment and get supplies/materials. If I tell the class that it is okay to maneuver around to work on something for the remainder of the period, you do not need to ask to get things from around the room. HOWEVER… C LASSROOM SUPPLIES

13 SUPPLIES You must use class materials, supplies and equipment appropriately! Project Days Caps on Markers Breaking Things Glitter Scissors

14 D ISMISSAL & F REE T IME You may not pack up your things until I say it is okay. I tell you when to leave the room – not the bell! BE SILENT while others are finishing quizzes tests or assignments. If I give everyone free time after a test or assignment, you must keep your composure or it will never happen again.

15 GROUPS & HELP I will assign your groups. Do not complain or ask favors. You are expected to participate in group activities and cooperate with your peers.

16 SUBSTITUTES You must ALWAYS be respectful of a substitute teacher and follow the same rules and procedures as when I am here. If I hear that you have misbehaved and made a sub’s job difficult, privileges will be taken away.

17 P ROCEDURES Visitors: If someone walks in the classroom to deliver a notice, you are expected to stay on task. It is not an excuse to start talking with your neighbors. Your Materials: You must be prepared with the appropriate materials every day (at least a pencil or pen and lined paper). You may use a COUPON to get a pencil from me. BE READY to work when the bell rings.

18 THE WALL The rules and procedures discussed during this PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the wall. I may ask you to read them time and again depending on classroom issues. If you ever need a reminder of what is expected of you during class time, please refer to the wall.

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