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Civil War North vs. South 1861 - 1865.

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1 Civil War North vs. South

2 First Conflict April 1861: Confederate (South) capture Fort Sumter at Charleston, S.C. Anaconda Plan: Union (North) leaders set up a blockade of Southern ports to hurt trade in the South. Blockade: enemy troops shut off a place to keep people and supplies from moving in or out

3 April 1862: Union troops land on Tybee and capture Ft. Pulaski
This made is hard for Savannah to trade with other countries. They were unable to sell cotton or import goods. Blockade runners were sometimes able to sneak in and out of ports to get supplies from England

4 Robert E. Lee moved the Southern army north into Maryland to attack and find needed supplies
Lee wanted to end with a big victory that would discourage the North. First battle on northern soil He hoped it would encourage European countries to help them Battle of Antietam

5 Battle of Antietam Sept. 17, 1862 Took place near Sharpsburg, Maryland
Over 26,000 men were killed, injured, or went missing Bloodiest battle of the war Union Victory

6 Emancipation Proclamation Jan 1, 1863
President Abraham Lincoln issued an order that freed slaves in all seceded states, declaring an end to slavery Did not end slavery in the slave states that stayed in the Union (MO, KY, DE, MD)

7 Emancipation Proclamation
Kept European countries that abolished slavery from supporting the South Helped recruit African- Americans into the North’s Army

8 Battle of Gettysburg Jul 1 – 3 1863 Pennsylvania
Last battle on Northern soil Union Victory Lincoln later made the Gettysburg Address here Battle of Gettysburg

9 Battle of Gettysburg Lee sent General George Pickett’s Calvary to attack the center; Union was waiting Union controlled high ground Confederate-28,000 Union-23,000

10 Battle of Chickamauga September 1863
Chattanooga was major railroad center Union troops were driven back to Chattanooga; Confederates did not follow-up on their victory Union reinforcements later recaptured Chattanooga Battle of Chickamauga

11 Battle of Chickamauga Indians fought with Union Fought in Georgia
Confederate Victory

12 Battle of Chattanooga November 23-25, 1863
After losing Chickamauga, Union troops go to Chattanooga, Tennessee South cut off their supplies Grant demands that the Union troops not surrender More Union troops later arrive to help Union Victory Battle of Chattanooga

13 Atlanta Campaign Late Spring/Early Summer 1864: Sherman’s Union Army fought their way south into Georgia Confederates continued to retreat further southward into Georgia June 1864: Sherman attacked Johnston at Kennesaw Mountain; Sherman lost but continued toward Atlanta

14 Atlanta Campaign: Union troops move into Atlanta.
Structures Confederate General Hood ordered all military and railroad equipment destroyed when his troops fled the city ahead of Sherman Sherman ordered all major buildings destroyed Remaining citizens Sherman required all 1600 men, women & children leave the city Set up camp south of the city

15 March to the Sea Sherman splits his army in two and continues his March to the Sea. Grant and Lincoln disapproved Sherman’s plan met marching without supplies Field Order 120- Soldiers were to live off the land

16 March to the Sea Sherman’s Union army destroys everything in its 300 mile path During a two-month period a sixty mile-wide area is burned, destroyed, and ruined Estimated losses over $100 million Captured Savannah in December Said it was a Christmas present to President Lincoln. Loaded and shipped $28 million worth of cotton to the North

17 Andersonville Prison was overcrowded, and offered poor food, contaminated water, and poor sanitation 13,700 Union soldiers are buried there Captain Henry Wirtz, Andersonville Prison commander, was later hanged for “excessive cruelty”

18 End of the Civil War January 13, 1865: Fort in North Carolina captured; the last Confederate blockade-running port General Robert E. Lee’s Army cannot defeat Union General U.S. Grant; he surrenders his army at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865

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