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The Civil War in a Nutshell…

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1 The Civil War in a Nutshell…

2 Antietam September 17, 1862 War in the North (Maryland)
Gen Lee Wanted MD to join Union after victory Over 23,000 lives lost General Lee withdrew “Draw” no clear winner Lincoln took Withdrawal as a North Victory and released the Emancipation Proclamation

3 Emancipation Proclamation
released by Abraham Lincoln that would end all slavery once war was over Sept. 22, 1862 “All slaves in ‘Rebellious’ states would be freed as of January 1, 1863” Moral decision keeps Europe out of war.

4 Create a describing Bubble map of the Emancipation Proclamation
Left Hand Page:96 Create a describing Bubble map of the Emancipation Proclamation Must have 5 describing bubbles Make colorful. Use page 81 in CRCT book

5 Gettysburg Major Turning Point of the War
Battle fought for 3 days in July of 1863 Over 50,000 were killed Lee wanted war in North Wanted north to back down Lee was outnumbered Retreated to Virginia South didn’t invade north again. North began to pressure south Invaded and Captured rebel states

6 Chickamauga Battle took place at GA/TN border in 1863
Purpose was to capture Chattanooga Wanted Railway Largest battle in Georgia Confederate Victory 34,000 deaths 2nd Bloodiest battle of Civil War

7 Union Blockade of Georgia’s Coast
Union Victory at Ft. Pulaski led to Union control of Georgia’s coast and ports Led by Gen. Winfield Scott Anaconda Plan Squeeze the Confederate States of America Scott’s Great Snake/ wanted to cut off their supply Prevent trade of cotton for weapons from France and England


9 Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign
Began 1864 Lasted 4 ½ Months Wanted to capture Atlanta Railroad hub Industrial Capabilities South outnumbered North Used defense to slow down North Not one MAJOR battle was fought in Atlanta, but several small battles that led to Atlanta being captured by Sherman


11 Sherman's March to the Sea
After destroying Atlanta (Nov.15-Dec ) Wanted to end war and punish South After loses from Atlanta Campaign Union troops had straight path to Atlantic Ocean Sherman created path of destruction 300 Miles long, 60 Miles wide Burned factories, buildings, & destroyed towns Battle of Griswoldville March ended when Savannah surrendered to Sherman without a fight on Dec Lincoln's Christmas present.

12 Sherman's March to the Sea

13 Andersonville Famous Civil War prison Located in Macon County
Built to hold 10,000 Union Soldiers Peaked at over 30,000 Creek became backed up with human waste and other sewage Disease throughout prison More men died in Andersonville than any other Civil War Prison Over 13,000

14 LH Page 104 Divide your page into 6 even sections. Then label each section with the cities that are located below. Cut the descriptions out of the chart and paste them in the correct section. Andersonville Chickamauga Atlanta Union Blockade Savannah Ft. Pulaski

15 Cut out and glue the map to page 102
Use your notes and your brain to decide the location of each of the places on the chart from page 104. Locate the places on the map. Mark them each with a star and the letter of the description of that city. Use the Georgia Textbook Pg

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