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Welcome to ELA/R!!! Mrs. Daniels.

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1 Welcome to ELA/R!!! Mrs. Daniels

2 Rules Posted in the front of the classroom Read them Know them
Understand them Follow them

3 About Me I was born and raised in Texas. (East Texas=Piney woods)
I have a wonderful husband (Richard) and two beautiful children. (Alahna & Tre’) *This is my sixth year teaching at SMS. *I attended Stephen F. Austin State University (Bachelors of Science-2004) * I enjoy shopping, sleeping in late, and traveling with my family.

4 Housekeeping Please take the welcome letter home and read over it with your parents. Sign the form(s) with a parent and return them no later than Friday August 29, 2014. We will use AVID Cornell notes when taking notes in class. You are expected to study notes at home daily and complete your questions on the left hand side (an example will be provided). When reading texts, we will employ the AVID reading strategies (we will spend the first few weeks of school discussing these strategies and practicing them).

5 Planner/Assignments Planner information will be filled out daily and graded on Friday of each week (This can be an easy 100 or an easy failing grade). Bell work (discussed on the next slide) will be completed daily and graded on Friday of each week (make sure you are completing and checking your bell work). Assignments will be completed, turned in on time, graded, and returned to you to review, study, and note feedback I provided.

6 Absences/make-up work
It is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed due to absence. When you return, check the make-up work folders located on the back wall for your work. If it’s empty, ask me. Make-up work is due within five days of the absence or it is will be a zero.

7 Board Information (Planner)
TARGET: What you should learn & be able to do after today’s lesson BW: Bell Work should be completed the first 4minutes of class in your spiral and will be turned in on Friday CW: Class work that we will do in class that day HW: Homework for that night, due the next day

8 Classroom Procedures/Expectations (Before Class)
Enter the classroom quietly and ON TIME! Have all materials needed for class (paper, pencil, sharpener, notebook, spiral, homework, etc.) Once you enter, you will have bell work to complete. There will be no leaving out of class once you enter (take care of restroom, water, and locker business before entering the classroom). Bell work will be checked 4 minutes after the bell rings, so make sure you are on time and getting started when you enter the classroom.

9 Procedures/Expectations cont. (During Class)
You are expected to stay ON TASK and PARTICPATE during class. Follow all directives the FIRST time given. You will NOT display off task behaviors (talking, drawing, sleeping, daydreaming, fiddling with objects, etc.) When called upon to answer a question, read, explain, etc., you are to know what is going on, so it is important to pay attention. When I am teaching a lesson, DO NOT raise your hand to go to the restroom, get water, throw trash away, sharpen pencil, or go to your locker. Take care of your business before class starts!!! If you must go during lesson or activity, you are still responsible for what you missed while out.

10 Procedures/Expectations cont. (During Class)
You are seated in groups, which means that at times, you will be engaged in collaborative group work with your team members. As a group member, you are expected to participate and contribute during group activities and assignments. Roles will be assigned to each member of the group and everyone will be required to share information on findings and learning from activities.

11 Procedures/Expectations Cont. (During Class)
I expect you to show effort and a positive attitude in all that you are required to do in class. Ask for clarification or a further explanation of a concept or assignment that you do not understand (I can not read your mind. If you don’t ask, I don’t know that you don’t know)! Work hard until class is dismissed!!!

12 Procedures/Expectations Cont.
The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you! We will wrap up our lesson and class activity five to seven minutes prior to the bell. You will have that time to complete your Exit Ticket and summary (Cornell notes) for the day. This will be your ticket out of class. I will NOT provide tardy passes for those not completing required items before leaving. Make sure your area is clean (must be completed before I dismiss you)!

13 Additional Information
Tutoring will be held on Tuesdays from 3:45-4:20 pm. Be on time (when door closes, you will not be allowed to enter)!! Know what you are coming to tutoring for (know what concept or skill you need me to help you master). Tutoring is not for you to complete missing work that you did not turn in when it was due!!!

14 Redo Assignments You are allowed to redo classwork if you make below a 70 (Max grade given after redo is a 70). You will have to attend tutoring to get assistance with the concept taught before redoing the assignment. After tutoring, you will have one week to complete the assignment and turn it in for a grade. It will be at the teacher’s discretion to allow you to retake a test grade below a 70 (Max grade given after retake is at teacher’s discretion). The same rules for redo of classwork applies to retake of a test (tutoring, one week to complete).

15 Food For Thought A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* If A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z * Equals 25 26 * Then K N O W L E D G E = 96% H A R D W O R K = 98% Both are important, but fall short of 100% * BUT A T T I T U D E= 100%

16 Let’s Have A Great Year!!! Nothing less than Success and Excellence is the expectation for you in Mrs. Daniels ELA/R class!! Attitude is the key to success!!!

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