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Classroom Procedures Miss Crotty’s Class.

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1 Classroom Procedures Miss Crotty’s Class

2 Welcome Back! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
I know you are all smart and have the potential to achieve greatness, so I won’t accept anything less than that. Don’t use the word “can’t” because you CAN. You just have to try. Together we will all succeed.

3 What is a procedure? A sequence of actions or instructions to be followed when accomplishing a task. Example: Following the instructions on a box in order to make a cake. It is NOT a rule. If we follow these procedures, our class will be calm, orderly environment that is perfect for learning.

4 SHHH, Quiet Class When I want you to be quiet, I will raise my hand in the air. If you see me do this you will do the following: Stop what you are doing and raise your hand. All eyes on me. Listen for the next direction.

5 Walking in the Hallway Form a straight line. We will not go anywhere until your are in line and your lips are zipped! When we travel together as a class, you are expected to be in a straight line and completely silent when in the hallway.

6 What do I do when I get to class?
If you need to sharpen your pencil, do it as soon as you enter the room. Sit at your desk with your materials out. Place your homework on the left hand corner of your desk so I can check it. Begin the “do now”. If we do not have a “do now” for the day, please take out your novel and begin reading.

7 What should I bring to class?
Social Studies Folder 2) Interactive notebook ALWAYS BRING YOUR PLANNER, NOVEL AND PEN/PENCIL

8 What if I don’t have my homework?
If you do not have your homework, you will receive a zero for work habits. If you do the assignment and hand it in the next day, I will give you a 2 out of 3 in work habits. If you hand it in the following day, you will receive a 1. After that, the assignment will remain a zero. This is your responsibility. I will not chase you for late homework.

9 Where do I hand in assignment?
If an assignment is being turned in, you will place it in the bin labeled by grade level and appropriate subject area.

10 What if I lose handouts or homework?
You will only receive one copy. You need to be responsible for your belongings. If you lose it you can: Check and see if it is on the website. Make a copy of a friend’s. Hand copy the HW or handout from a friend.

11 What if I have to use the bathroom?
First, look to see if the pass is hanging. There is one for a boy and one for a girl If the pass is there, ask and you shall receive. If I give you permission you will: Sign out on the board with your name and where you are going. Take the hall pass with you. (It has a really cool monkey on it!)

12 What do I do if I need to sharpen my pencil?
Sharpen it! Just not during class discussion or if I am in the middle of a lesson.

13 What do I do if I finish my work early?
You can work on any other work in that subject area that needs to be finished. Study for any upcoming exams or work on projects. READ your novel that should be with you at all times.

14 What do I do if I need help?
If you need help with something, raise your hand. Keep working and I will help you ASAP.

15 Class Discussions PLEASE participate.
I want to hear what you think, but participation is also part of your grade. Raise your hand to contribute to the discussion.

16 Borrowing Materials All the materials in this classroom are for YOU.
You must treat the materials with respect. When you are finished using them, you must put them back where they belong. We need to keep the materials in good condition and keep the room neat. Always clean up whatever you were using and the area around you.

17 Absent If you are absent you need to:
Talk with a friend and see what you missed Check the absent folder and gather the missing work. You are responsible for all materials and assignments you missed unless otherwise specified. You have one day for each day absent to turn in missing work.

18 Website I will try to keep the website as updated as possible.
Here you will find: Homework assignments and due dates Class notes Projects and study guides

19 Engrade All of your grades will be posted on Engrade.
You and your parents should check in regularly to see how you are doing and what assignments you are missing.

20 Fire Drills If there is a fire drill, leave all of your belongings on the room and quietly line up. I will show you how we proceed out of the building. There is not talking during a fire drill If you are out of the room during a fire drill, find your way to the nearest exit.

21 Dismissal from class You may pack up when I give you permission.
Always take your belongings with you. DO NOT leave papers or anything in your desk. Your desk and the area around should be neat. Always push in your chair. I dismiss you, not the bell.

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