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Expectations in the Classroom

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1 Expectations in the Classroom
Illustrations by: DJ inkers

2 In order to be a good listener you must follow these steps:
Listening In order to be a good listener you must follow these steps: Eyes on the speaker Mouth silent Hands and feet are still

3 Raising Your Hand to Speak
Raise your hand if you need help or are answering a question. Raising your hand means your mouth is silent. Waving your hand around does not make me call on you first.

4 Pencils I only sharpen pencils twice a day; once in the morning and then after school. Sharp pencils will be in the cup labeled Sharp. Dull pencils should be placed in the cup labeled Dull. Do not put pencils in your mouth, nose, or any other hole in your body. GROSS! Do not tear off erasers. Use the “official” sign to get up to get a new pencil. Pencils are a tool; not a toy.

5 Classwork First make sure you write your name on your paper.
All work should be done neatly and completely. When finished check to make sure you have followed all directions. Turn your paper in to your box that has your number on it. Classwork should be completed in class otherwise it will be sent home for homework.

6 Getting Out of Your Seat
To get permission to go to the restroom, hold up 1 finger. To get permission to get a sharpened pencil, hold up 2 fingers. *The only other reason you should be out of your seat is if I have given you permission to do so. For example: calling on you to come to the board or to my desk. **Always WALK in the classroom and hallway.

7 Standing in a Line When we line up at the door you should be in a straight line. Your hands are behind your back. Your mouth is closed. Your eyes are looking at the person’s head in front of you.

8 Centers Always work quietly in centers. Use your whisper voices.
Keep your hands to yourself. When you hear the bell, stop what you are doing and wait quietly for directions. Be sure to push chairs in before switching centers. Walk to the next center.

9 B.E.E. Folders A B.E.E. folder is a special folder that you will carry to and from school everyday this year.  B.E.E. is an acronym for Bring  Everything Everyday.  The B.E.E. folder will help you stay organized and keep your parents in touch with our classroom. B.E.E. Rules: Take care of your BEE; it will be used all year! Clean out the "Work to Keep at Home" every evening. Take your BEE home everyday and bring it back each morning. Keep your BEE clean.           Show your BEE to your parents everyday - they will be so proud of your new responsibility! B.E.E. Dont's: Don't make any marks or drawings in or on your BEE. Don't leave your BEE at home, in the car or bus, or at daycare. Don't put any papers in your BEE that do not belong. Don't eat or drink in front of your BEE! Items are put in the B.E.E. folder daily:  Assignment/Behavior Sheet AR Log Daily Work Weekly Newsletter

10 High Frequency Word Books
Dos Do keep your HFW book in your B.E.E. Do study it every night. Do read the words to your parents and ask them to help with any you don’t know. Don’ts Don’t write on or in your HFW books. Don’t tear out any pages. Don’t eat or drink while studying your HFW book. Don’t leave your HFW book at home, daycare, or on the bus.

11 Homework Check your assignment/behavior sheet for any homework assignments. Make sure to complete all assignments. Get your parents to sign your sheet. Put all work and sheet back in your B.E.E. Put your B.E.E. back in your backpack and don’t forget to bring it back to school the next day.

12 Love Your School Show our school respect by:
Picking up trash on the ground, in classrooms, or the hallway. Respecting others’ work on the wall in the hallway by keeping our hands to ourselves. Respect desks, chairs, school supplies, and other equipment in our school.

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