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Mauro Di Giamberardino

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1 Mauro Di Giamberardino


3 Gabriele Randelli -PhD in AI and robotics from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) -Research activities in human-robot systems based on computer vision and gesture recognition interaction paradigms -Since 2010, works on embedded computer vision targeted to unmanned aerial vehicles and traffic monitoring -Wide technical and scientific skills Mauro Di Giamberardino -Master of Science in Computer Engineer -Researcher at ENEA Casaccia (Italy) -Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at A3R S.r.l., innovative startup involved in unmanned aerial vehicles -Experience in adaptive and integrated systems -Both managing and technical skills TEAM Business Development & Marketing Chief Technology Officer

4 START-UP MISSION : design and development of interactive products and services based on innovative technologies Computer Vision Voice Interaction Machine Learning mainly applied to Smart Cities & Smart Lighting Supported by the BIC Lazio business accelerator Awarded with the Filas Spin-off Grant (100K) Company established in October 2012 Headquarters settled at ITech incubator in Rome (Italy)


6 In the last years, a crucial need arises for the public administration: Reduce energy consumption Public lighting in Italy (6,1 TWh per year): (*) Terna, Previsioni della domanda elettrica in Italia e del fabbisogno di potenza necessario, anni 2007 – 2017, Documento Tecnico, 30 Settembre 2007] third highest cost on balance sheet for Italian municipalities more than 22% of the overall Italian energy demand (*) energy saving margin forecasts > 55%, 854M per year to maintain and power the lighting plants PROBLEM - analysis


8 What SmartEye is a distributed system of optical sensors which are installed on street lamps to provide different services related to energy savings by means of an automatic urban scene analysis.

9 How

10 Ingredients SmartEye extends and improves the traditional street lamps remote control system by means of introduction of two of the main typical ingredients of a Smart City, adaptivity and service on-demand

11 Innovation & Benefits SmartEye will produce on average over that 49% of energy savings, compared to the 15% achievable with traditional street lamp remote control system. SmartEye will maximize energy savings by dimming light during periods of lower pedestrian-traffic conflict. SmartEye will maximize LED lifespan by adjusting light output upwards as the product depreciates over time. SmartEye will minimize the maintenance costs through the remote detection of failures, and GPS mapping of installations.


13 Market size & trends The total Smart Lighting market it is foreseen to reach about 9 $ billion in 2019 Working in exclusive partnership with Enel Sole, only in Italy the SOM is more than 100.000 installations.

14 Benefits for ESCO SmartEye system naturally lies in the ESCO philosophy on Smart Cities SmartEye can integrate the remote point-to-point control system proposed by the ESCO. SmartEye could extend the offer provided by the ESCO, by means of the introduction different Smart Services. Combined use of SmartEye and LED street lamp can produce about 80% of energy savings compared to a conventional HPS lamp.



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